Algebra 1

From: $79.00 / month for 8 months

Grades: 7th–12th

Live class: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:00–2:50 p.m. EST

Course dates: August 25th–May 14th

Price: $550

Instructor: Connie Campione

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Connie Campione

This live Algebra 1 online class is a foundational course for high school mathematics. Whether your child struggles or excels, you want a class that is going to set them up for future success. This class is perfect for both types of students as it teaches math in a way that lets them see not only how to do the mathematical calculations, but how to apply them to everyday situations.

The goal of this course is to introduce students to the language of algebra and the ways it is used in the real world. Algebraic skills, properties, uses, and concepts will be introduced.  The main topics covered include equations and inequalities, slopes and lines, quadratic and exponential functions, and probability and statistics. Because students learn in different ways, multiple approaches to expressions, equations, and functions will be presented both in the text, and during teacher instruction. The UCSMP math program uses a unique method that allows students to apply what they are learning in algebra for each new lesson, while also practicing those skills from previous lessons to be sure they have mastered them. The math classes at Aim Academy all utilize this same program, so students can be sure to get a cohesive learning path throughout high school.

Students should apply before registering. Please see the course application below.

Course Structure

This class will meet twice a week for 50 minutes.  Each week, 3-4 lessons will be taught and each lesson will have written problems to complete. It can be expected to spend 3-5 hours per week on this course.  Answer keys to the homework problems will be provided to allow students to assess their understanding of the material, and there will be time given at the beginning of each class to discuss homework problems that students need further clarification on. Therefore, it will be very important that students attend class, take notes, work through teacher guided examples and complete homework in a timely manner, in order to develop a good understanding of the material and stay on pace with the course.  All classes will be recorded, so that in the case of having to miss a class, or if a student desires to re-watch a lesson, a video will be available for viewing.

Who should enroll?

This class is for 8th to 12th graders. Advanced 7th graders may be admitted with permission from the teacher. Incoming students should have a good understanding of arithmetic operations, fractions, decimals, and percents.  A placement test will be provided upon course registration in order to assess student readiness for the course.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Scanner or smart phone for submitting tests and homework in pdf form
  • Camera or Web-Cam is highly recommended for class interaction

Evaluation and Feedback

I believe homework is the best tool for students to practice the skills they are learning and allows them to assess their understanding of the material as they continue to work toward mastery.  Homework will be submitted on occasion, but assessment will be done mostly through quizzes, chapter tests, occasional chapter projects, and two cumulative multiple-choice exams.  Assignments will be returned within a couple of days, and grades are continuously updated and available in Canvas.


Communication in the form of announcements and emails is done through Canvas messaging.  Alternatively, one can email me directly. Responses to messages are generally within a few hours. Parents are welcome to email with any concerns, however, as the year progresses, I try to encourage students to take ownership of the class and contact me directly with any questions or concerns.

Course Application



Required Texts

UCSMP Algebra 3rd Ed. (ISBN 978-0076213863)

The University School of Chicago School Mathematics Project texts are used in all of Aim Academy’s math classes. The design is colorful and engaging and the text is student-friendly. Technology is also incorporated so students learn to be proficient with scientific and graphing calculators. If you have additional questions about the text, please reach out to the instructor directly.


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Instructor Bio

Connie Campione

With a passion not only for teaching math, but for working with students and helping them reach their potential, I am excited to become a part of the Aim Academy staff. I have been teaching math for almost 20 years and love the challenge of helping students develop an appreciation of math and its applications. I received my undergraduate degree from Penn State University and my graduate degree in mathematics education from Loyola University in Maryland.  I have taught and tutored students in math courses ranging from Algebra to AP Calculus and AP Statistics, as well as helped students prepare for the SAT and other college entrance exams.  I have worked both as a classroom teacher as well as an online math instructor at the secondary and collegiate level.

My husband and I have two teenage children and together we enjoy attending athletic events (especially ones in which our children are playing), going on spontaneous trips to the New Jersey shore, and taking long walks with our dog.  We also are involved in our local community and church, and value spending quality time with family and friends.


Algebra 1


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