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Susan Spivey

I have heard parents say their children do not like to read. I understand that. As a mother of four, I also had a reluctant reader or two in the house. I learned through home schooling that finding a book that is topically interesting can be the key to getting students to read more and find enjoyment in the process.

In my literature classes we read a broad spectrum of works by various authors, which helps students in finding a genre or topic that is meaningful to them. Additionally, by discussing why the author chose to write on the subject they chose at a particular time in history provides students a new way to view a story, poem, or novel. Likewise, by walking students through the writing process, for example, how an author has structured his or her story or what symbols were used to bring deeper meaning to a work, creates greater appreciation and understanding of the works we read together.

Helping students discover that they indeed do like to read is nothing short of pure joy for this teacher. For those who already enjoy a good book, sharing my love of literature with them is equally rewarding. I would be happy to discuss how I can assist you in your homeschool pursuits. You can contact me at sspivey@aimacademy.online.


I have been a lover of literature for as long as I can remember. My passion for reading led me to teaching where I could share my love of books and authors with others. British literature is one of my favorite subjects to teach as there is such a variety of genres to explore and the works we cover show how authors and their works influenced much of the changes that occurred over centuries. As students gain a deeper understanding of how literature often mirrors life, the conversations we have in class become richer. It is a joy to see students gain confidence in their ability to discuss classic works.

I find teaching Christian Literature to be extremely rewarding on many levels. First, there is the opportunity to engage students with challenging spiritual literature and see them persevere through difficult texts. As they learn to appreciate the nuances of the novels, short stories, and poems read for this class, they become much more willing to share their thoughts and opinions on these works, both verbally in class discussions, and in written responses. Secondly, as students compare the varied approaches to writing about the Christian faith it allows them to examine their own beliefs. The discussions I have had with students taking this class has been rich.

This is a year-long survey course of American Literature. Students will become familiar with a wide range of American voices, from the legends passed along orally by Native Americans to the writings being produced by contemporary authors today. In addition to recognizing the major writers found in American literature, students will also learn to identify genres, movements, and historical events that helped shape this young country.

This course will be offered in the 2020-2021 school year.