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Welcome. We want to be part of your homeschool success story!

Howdy, Partner.

Aim Academy is not a school. We provide college-prep, online classes as an add-on to your homeschool program (or afterschool program–we believe all parents are homeschool parents). Parents, you remain responsible for your child’s education, and we are here to help you do that. You are not alone. Just ask–we’re happy to answer questions and share from our wealth of experience as homeschool parents ourselves.

Our aim is a culture and community that supports you and your child’s well being. We want to get to know you and to share in the struggles and success of your homeschool journey. We are in this together, and we will do all we humanly can to help you achieve your goals for your child–but, we are a source of support and not a replacement for your involvement and oversight.

The most successful students in our classes have engaged parents overseeing their work and insuring that they attend and participate in class. We understand that older students may be working independently and not need much oversight. But until a student has taken responsibility for his or her learning, parents and teachers have an important role to play in the process.


If you have questions about what Aim can do for your homeschool program, please talk to us! Email administration at [email protected] or reach out to the teacher before registering. You can also take advantage of our free academic advising. Let’s talk! We’ll give you seasoned advice and even recommend other providers and resources if we aren’t the best fit for your needs.


Fall 2021 classes are now closed, but some teachers may be willing to add a student to a class-in-progress by special arrangement. Start by emailing the teacher (Teacher contact information is on their bio page). Many classes are accepting students for second semester (starts Jan 3).

If you can not get into the classes you want this year, the best plan is to register for other Aim Academy classes and become a “returning” family in 2022-21. Then you will be able to register a week in advance of open registration.

Registration for fall classes always opens March 1. Early registration opens the last week of February each year for returning families.

You will receive a welcome packet within 48 hours of placing your order on weekdays.

Good to Know

Class sizes vary, but 21 students is the maximum. Elementary, middle school, and French classes are smaller.

All our policies can be found here. Please read our refund policy before registering, and please read the Aim Academy Handbook to make the most of your experience!

If you are not sure whether or not your child is ready for a class, please engage the teacher prior to registering. They are all quite experienced and will be able to help you figure out through a placement test or other tools if the class is the right fit.

Register only one student per order. Multiple classes for the same student may be purchased on the same order. If you wish to register more than one student, you must create a new order for each additional student.

We collect a nonrefundable $29 technology fee per order/per student. If you select a payment plan, you are not charged the tech fee on subsequent payments, only the initial order. This fee helps us cover our administrative and technology costs–all those things that keep Aim Academy running smoothly and available at a moment’s notice to assist a parent, student, or teacher.


We do not discount our classes nor run sales. Here’s why: We want to hire and retain the best faculty possible–teachers who are eager to grow professionally and who will be student-centered in their approach. This means a significant investment of their emotional energy and time. Our faculty is amazing! I (Debra, here) can’t believe our good fortune–Aim Academy started with a handful of teachers and former students of mine from my own homeschool community–we were part of a hugely successful homeschool co-op that families drove up to two hours to attend. Our Aim Academy professional culture and reputation have attracted other like-minded, qualified individuals through word-of-mouth and we are very selective in our hiring. I’m sure you can see where this is going–to have the best faculty, we need to (should) offer the best compensation package possible. So, that is why we don’t discount or run sales.

If you are looking for college prep classes taught by responsive, creative, and highly qualified teachers in pursuit of persistent excellence, then we are the online provider for you.

In Closing

We are growing significantly, and this allows us to continuously add more classes and opportunities for our families. We’d love to have you join us!

If you have questions or wish to avail yourself of our free academic advising, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you!

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