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Greetings from Budapest

I’m currently spending some time with Share Educational Services, based in Budapest, Hungary.  I’m learning so much about the challenges of educating kids abroad.  It’s fascinating to find out how missionaries and expatriates network with each other and come up with solutions on the fly for meeting their kids needs.  Homeschooling is growing internationally, but Read More...

Push Pop Press – The Future of the Book

The future of learning is a topic of great interest to me — just as technology is rapidly reinventing the way we live, I think technology is rapidly reinventing the way we learn. Case in point: Push Pop Press set out to reimagine the book of the future. Here’s a peak inside their first creation: Read More...

H.E.A.V. (VA) Handouts

Here are the handouts from the seminars I conducted at H.E.A.V. in Richmond, VA this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the great conference and great attendance.   Using Graphic Organizers to Help You Learn Study Smart Student Strategies Homeschooling Teens Raising An Independent Learner Learning Styles Handout      

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner for Moms Is Out!

Yes, we all got our first edition yesterday.  They look beautiful.  The fastest way to get one is by ordering it directly from Apologia over the phone. As soon as I get my supply next week, I will make them available here. And yes there will be giveaways – so make sure you are following Read More...

A FREE Summer Book Club with Susan Spivey

Susan Spivey, Aim Academy English teacher, is hosting a free summer book club. The first book is Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. Any enrolled Aim Academy student (or potential Aim Academy student) is welcome to join. The class will meet over Zoom twice to discuss this book. Parents are welcome to participate as well. The Read More...