Writers in Residence Volume 1: Apprentice

From: $72.00 / month for 8 months

Note: This class contains explicit Christian content.

Grades: 5th and up

Live class: Wednesdays 12:00–1:00 p.m. EST

Course dates: August 29th–May 8th

Price: $499

Instructor: Heather A. Eades

Instructor email:

Alternative section for 4th–6th here.


Course Description

Course Description

Teaching students how to give voice to their experiences and ideas through the written word has been program author Debra Bell’s life work. Based around her new curriculum, Writers in Residence vol. 1 Apprentice, this class will serve as a writers group, where students will become a part of a writing community, sharing their work with one another in a fun and encouraging, safe environment. Led by a professional writer/editor as their writing coach, this class, geared towards older students with little to no formal writing instruction/training, provides novice writers with an audience for their work, guided instruction and targeted feedback on each stage of the writing process, and equips them to become authentic writers, critical thinkers, and excellent peer reviewers, before moving on to more advanced writing. (Older middle schoolers welcome with permission.)


This class will focus on the art of writing well, maturing students in both skill and confidence through:

  • Creating authentic writing shaped by instructor feedback and peer reviewers, (including building strong, descriptive sentences; strong, focused paragraphs; and developing them into strong, informative essays and engaging stories by the end of the year).
  • Purposeful writing assignments (including a friendly letter, an interview, an opinion essay, an autobiography/personal narrative, and several superhero stories!) and interactive, engaging skill builders.
  • Becoming an active, critical reader who studies the craft of expert writers.
  • Risk-taking and experimentation in writing to discover one’s God-given voice.
  • Revising, shaping and polishing drafts.
  • Writing with the reader in mind and sharing their work in a group setting.
  • Implementing the six traits writing model of: ideas, organization, sentence structure, word choice, voice, and conventions.


While students will not receive letter grades for their writing assignments, as your student’s writing coach, I will provide instruction and guidance, as well as targeted feedback on each draft of the writing assignments, utilizing the rubrics in the course text.  Emphasis on all writing will be on the strengths and weaknesses of each student work, encouraging personal progress and growth.

Required Text: Writers in Residence Volume 1 (Apprentice)


Instructor Bio

Heather A. Eades

Mrs. Eades is a creative, fun-loving teacher, passionate about helping students discover and develop their creative gifts through writing and the arts. Heather A. Eades has over 20 years experience as both a professional editor and freelance writer, and has enjoyed teaching art and writing to homeschoolers for the past 7 years. She holds an MA in Education with certification in Early Literacy Instruction, a B.A. in the Visual Arts and English, and is also a homeschooling mama of 2 who has enjoyed using Writers in Residence with her own teen and preteen. She has served as an editor for SRA/McGraw-Hill, Inc., editor/writer for Group Publishing, Inc., columnist for F& W Publishing’s Memory Makers Magazine, writer for The Mailbox Magazine and books, part of the editorial team for Apologia Educational Ministries, and currently serves as editor of online course content for Colorado Christian University.


Required Texts

Course Materials:

Writers in Residence Volume 1: Apprentice

Available here.




  1. Laura Heikkila (verified owner)

    Signing my daughter up for Writers in Residence with AIM Academy was the best homeschooling decision I made this year (possibly ever)! It was my daughter’s first time taking an online course and Mrs. Eades ensured the class environment was welcoming and encouraging. Also, as a parent, Mrs. Eades welcomed communication and was happy to answer any question I had or provide any assistance I needed.

    Writing is one of my challenging areas to teach, as it is not a strength of mine. I tried various curriculums with my kids and none of them seemed to spark an interest in writing. So many seemed to be filled with uninteresting exercises or busywork, but Writers in Residence was a completely different experience! It is focused on learning to write the way professional writers actually write. And the writing assignments are interesting and allow for creativity. It completely changed the way my daughter views writing and her level of skill increased dramatically this year.

    When I asked my daughter why she would recommend the course, she shared that the class helped improve her writing by giving her a writing coach, as well as, providing her with other students to interact with in the class. She found it helpful to hear other students read their papers because it exposed her to different styles of writing and it also motivated her to improve her writing because she knew she would be reading her pieces to others.

    We are looking forward to continuing with Writers in Residence (WIR) next year. My son will be taking Volume 1 and my daughter will be continuing in WIR by taking Volume 2. We highly recommend the Writing in Residence course and Mrs. Eades!

  2. Tonya (verified owner)

    Mrs. Eades has been such a blessing to my family! She has inspired my children (a boy in each section) to learn to write, and they have really enjoyed these online classes with her and their classmates. It’s been both a comfort and a joy to watch them develop their writing skills in such an encouraging, engaging environment. We are thankful to have found this class, and my sons and I highly recommend it! 🙂

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Instructor Bio

Heather A. Eades

Heather Eades is a homeschooling mama-writer of two, who enjoys wearing multiple hats. With over twenty years of professional experience in publishing as both a writer and editor, her specialty has become designing and implementing creative curriculum and educational “fun-tivities” for all ages. And while she continues to work as a freelance writer/editor by night, by day she is passionate about homeschooling, teaching her own and other students in their homeschooling community.


Heather earned her B.A. in Visual Art and English from Otterbein College in Westerville, OH many moons ago, and recently completed her M.A. in education from the University of Colorado, along with certification in Early Literacy Instruction. She has served as an editor for SRA/McGraw-Hill, Inc., editor/writer for Group Publishing, Inc., columnist for F& W Publishing’s Memory Makers Magazine, writer for The Mailbox Magazine and books, and currently is part of the editorial team for Apologia Educational Ministries. She also holds 7 years of formal classroom teaching experience. She has loved combining both her education, experiences and her passion for the subject matter, teaching innovative art and writing classes over the past 6 years at a local homeschool co-op, a creative arts-based ministry, and also from her own home, for students K—jr. high. This past school year she especially enjoyed using Writers in Residence with her own middle graders.


In her spare time, Heather loves to laugh, exercise, help her husband volunteer in jr. high youth ministry at their church, and can be found consuming obscene amounts of coffee.

All classes taught by Heather A. Eades