Self-paced SAT Math Prep

From: $76.00 / month for 3 months

Grades: 8th–12th

Live class:  No live class

Course dates: January 7th-February 22nd

Price: $199

Instructor: Kathryn Gomes

Instructor email:



Course Description

SAT Math Prep

This 7-week self-paced SAT Math Prep course is a great option for the highly motivated student or those with a crowded schedule. I’ve added this section because so many students were struggling to make the live sessions work. Students provide me with information about their math background at the beginning of the class. Their study plan is developed based on their goal score and how much time they have allocated to studying. Study plans are broken down into manageable chunks to help students study consistently. 

All of the materials referenced on the study plan are provided on the course website or are available for free at Time will be spent reviewing the over 30 instructional videos I created as well as practicing problems daily. There are also automated quizzes that serve as checkpoints during the course. By the end of the course students will be familiar with the testing format and will have reviewed the fundamental concepts in Algebra 1, Algebra II, geometry, and trigonometry.

Contact me at with questions.

What’s included in this course?

  • 3 months access to the course website 
  • A 7-week study plan tailored to the student’s needs and goals
  • Over 30 instructional videos that teach and review SAT math content

Note: My goal in offering this section is to be as flexible as possible. Please reach out to me with any concerns, if at all possible I’ll tailor the study plan and the course to fit your needs.

Required Texts

Required Texts: Official SAT Study Guide (2018 Edition) ISBN-13: 978-1457309281

Calculator: TI-83 model. Access to a graphing calculator will help students get the most out of the class. The calculator skills in the live classes will be demonstrated on a TI-83.


  1. Emily

    I think Mrs.Gomes does an excellent job. She helped me get a better understanding of the SAT math section and helped me with my weak areas in SAT math. Mrs. Gomes created a personalized schedule for me, which was extremely helpful, based on my score from the math SAT test she gave me. She also had me work on Khan Academy and watch her helpful math videos online throughout the week, and had me email her with any problems I had.This class was very helpful and was a good preparation for the SAT.

  2. Glenna

    This class made me feel confident and prepared to take the SAT. Mrs. Gomes did a fantastic job adjusting our work according to the areas where we each needed the most help. Not only did she teach us critical math concepts, but also test taking skills that prepared us to take both the SAT and the ACT.

    I am pleased to say that I scored 710 in SAT math, and I know that I wouldn’t have earned the same score without Mrs. Gomes`s class.

  3. Kalina

    This was a really good course for me. After taking my SAT last spring, I didn’t know how to study or what to study. I wasn’t sure of my strengths or weaknesses. This self-paced class was the best option for me. Mrs. Gomes gave me a schedule specifically for my needs. I really recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their SAT math score and is feeling unprepared. The results are what you put into it. If you don’t put any effort, then you will not succeed. You will find that the more you study, the better you get and the more you understand the math that will be on the SAT.

  4. Student (Fall 2017 Self-Paced Course)

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your help the past 6 weeks. I just got my scores back, and I improved my math score by 100 points! (From a 540-640). I could not have done it without your course, so thank you so so much!

  5. Elizabeth Allen (Fall 2018 SAT Math student)

    This course was FANTASTIC!!!!!! I learned more in this course than any course I have taken before for SAT or ACT prep. My score went up because of Mrs. Gomes. After her class, I took an SAT practice test and my math score went from 540 to 630! Almost 100 points. This was a larger jump than I had EVER hoped for! She is a great teacher, made the class fun, and took time to help me. I am so so so glad that I did this course! I would definitely give it a full five stars and recommend this to everyone. She came up with a personalized study plan just for me to help me succeed- and it worked! She was so encouraging. I loved this class! Thank you Mrs. Gomes!

  6. Theresa (Fall 2018 SAT Math student)

    This was a really good class for me. It was incredibly helpful because Mrs. Gomes created a personalized schedule for each one of us. I took the SAT last year and wasn’t sure what or how to study but taking this class I’ve been able to fill my algebra gaps and learn how to study effectively. It was a great class! I would definitely recommend.

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Instructor Bio

Kathryn (Bell) Gomes

I’m Debra Bell’s daughter and I was homeschooled K-12. I was an AP Scholar and took all of my AP classes online. I have an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. I have taught high school mathematics for the past 7 years in the Philadelphia area. Now I am teaching SAT Math and Algebra 1 online, incorporating many of the lessons I learned as a home school student to make my classes as engaging and effective as possible.

Math has always intrigued me because of its patterns and structure. There is nothing quite as exciting as finally finding the correct answer.  Over the years I have met many students who struggle in math or find it boring.  I’m very passionate about helping these students discover the beauty of mathematics and the joy of problem solving.

For more information you can visit my website Kathryn Gomes Online Math Classes

SAT Math Prep



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