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Secrets of Success: GRIT

From: $75.00 / month for 3 months

Grades: 9th–12th

Live class: Thursdays 2:00–3:30 p.m. EST

Course dates: January 11th–February 23rd

Price: $199

Instructor: Bonnie Gonzalez

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Course Description

This is the first in a series of mini-courses that looks at the characteristics of those who succeed—in life, in business, and in the classroom—have in common. Aim Academy instructor and licensed professional counselor, Bonnie Gonzalez unpacks each secret to success in her highly interactive classes and shows you how to develop it in your life. Students and parents are both encouraged to sign-up for these unique classes.

“A combination of passion and perseverance”, this is how Angela Duckworth, Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania defines the concept of GRIT.

GRIT is about learning how to persevere in the face of failure.  Getting back up when we fall; starting over when we fail.  It is a way of redefining success not simply by your talent or your intelligence, but by changing the way you think about failure and perseverance.

Although not a skill that all of us are born with, GRIT can be learned.  Would you like to learn what it takes to become gritty, find your passion, and develop perseverance?  In this seven week class we will explore what GRIT really is through insights and interviews with dozens of high achievers, and by examining some of the fascinating experiments on peak performance.  Then, we will take a look at our own opportunities to develop GRIT.   We will learn how to foster this character quality by developing life-long interests, finding passion, purpose, and commitment in both ourselves and through helping others; and by teaching GRIT to ourselves.

Parents, this class is open to you as well.  Special sessions will be given to not only improve your own GRIT, but also to also show you how to encourage and help your children develop passion and perseverance in their lives. Additionally, one free parent registration is offered with each student registration.

This class begins Thursday, January 11th and runs for 7 weeks.  We will meet Thursday afternoon from 2:00 – 3:30 ET for a live lecture/discussion and application of GRIT principles.

Suggested requirements:  Since this is given online, a computer with high speed internet is required.


Outline and Topics for the Class:

Week 1:  The Concept and Importance of GRIT

Week 2:  Intelligence and Talent vs. GRIT

Week 3:  Exploring Our Own Interests

Week 4:  What so Important About Practice, and Other Factors Related to GRIT

Week 5:  Passion, Purpose, and Commitment

Week 6:  Hope:  How to Teach Yourself and Your Kids to be Gritty

Week 7:  Living Out GRIT:  Doing the Hard Things


  1. Parent in GRIT

    Thank you for a most excellent and invaluable class. Truly. There are a couple of things I wish every person could be exposed to and learn in school – this is one of them. Everything was organized and presented very well; and, obviously, your ability to communicate the material is exceptional…I thought the whole class was excellent. Anyway, this is just to say how much I, both as a parent and personally, appreciated the class and all you did to make it happen. Thank you. -B.G.

  2. Parent in GRIT

    When my oldest son shared that Bonnie Gonzalez’s course on GRIT had inspired him to get organized, I picked up the book myself. Next our family began listening to it as an audiobook. Then Bonnie offered a second course which taught about Growth Mindset. This time both my boys signed up and my middle school and elementary-aged girls enjoyed listening from time to time and reading the handouts too. Since then, the word “yet” has become an addendum to the end of sentences when someone is feeling doubtful of achieving a goal.

    Bonnie presents new material in a logical order with an enthusiastic style that encourages students of varying ages to participate. Additional links reinforce what she teaches and further assist students as they cement their understanding of new concepts. Try a course with your student(s)- you will be glad you did as you all learn concrete steps to shift your thinking to adopt a more positive lifestyle — and one where goals can become achievable with confidence.

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Instructor Bio

Bonnie Gonzalez

The field of psychology is not only my career; it is also my passion. You might even call me a “psychology nerd.” Much of my free time is spent reading about new and interesting developments in the field. I have taught AP Psychology for the past 10 years to home school students. I have also taught Introductory Psychology and Developmental Psychology at local community colleges, and I have developed online seminars for healthcare providers on the topics of stress, communication, job burn-out, anger assessment and management, and boundary setting. I have 36 years of experience as a counselor in the field of individual, marriage, and family counseling where I have had the opportunity to instruct individuals in developing new and more productive behaviors. My degrees include an M.ED. in counseling psychology and a B.A in psychology, both received from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.


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