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Mondays at 1:30 p.m. EST

Winter 2021: Jan 4–Feb 19


Kathryn Gomes

Also offered during late spring session. See school calendar for dates.

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Kathryn Gomes

This live SAT Math Prep online class, taught by Apologia math author, Kathryn Gomes, will help homeschool students improve their math skills, have fun, and increase their confidence.

This course is designed to accommodate a wide variety of skill levels. The first week of class each student takes a full length practice test. Mrs. Gomes analyzes their results, question by question to identify strengths and weaknesses. She then creates a personalized study plan for the remaining six weeks of the class. Since the plans are individualized, she can challenge the exceptional student who is shooting for a perfect 800, while also supporting struggling math students. Both types of students have succeedes in this class and make big improvements on the test.

The SAT can be a source of great anxiety for many students (and parents too!). But, the key to success on the test is now no secret, students just need to prepare. In 2016 the math sections of the SAT were completely recreated and the College Board became completely transparent about what content is tested. The test has been redesigned so that any student who invests the time and effort in preparing will succeed.

Also, this class is guaranteed to improve student performance in regular math class as well.

In this seven week SAT math test prep course we will review all the core mathematical concepts and skills on the test. Additionally, personally-tailored assignments and weekly live discussions address common pitfall areas for students (such as fractions, negative numbers, graphing, and exponents). Significant time is spent on SAT level problems, but we also review some of the fundamental content needed to understand those questions. In addition to math skills, students will practice proven test-taking strategies that will help dramatically improve scores.

An online SAT prep class is a great way to make sure that the preparation to succeed actually happens!

Course Structure

The class meets weekly to practice problems, strategies, and time-saving techniques. Throughout the week, students follow their personalized study plan. Typical assignments include a video tutorial coupled with corresponding SAT level practice problems. By the end of the course students will be familiar with the test format and will have reviewed the fundamental concepts in Algebra 1, Algebra II, geometry, and trigonometry.

Week 1: Introduction to the SAT

Week 2: Heart of Algebra (Part 1)

Week 3: Heart of Algebra (part 2)

Week 4: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 1)

Week 5: Problem Solving and Data Analysis (part 2)

Week 6: Passport to Advanced Mathematics

Week 7: Additional Topics

Who should enroll?

This course is for students in 8th-12th grade who are preparing to take the SAT exam. The course aligns specifically with the SAT test. It has been designed with flexible assignments so that a wide range of students can benefit, from those who are aiming for a perfect score to those who struggle with high school level mathematics. Some students have also taken this class to review and brush up on their skills even if they were not planning to take the SAT in the immediate future.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • TI-83 graphing calculator (strongly recommended)

Evaluation and Feedback

The course quizzes on Canvas and the Khan Academy practice problems are graded automatically. Students also receive feedback during the live sessions where we both discuss the correct answers as well as different ways to solve the same problem.


Students communicate with me throughout the week via Canvas.

Required Texts

Required Texts: Official SAT Study Guide (2020 Edition) ISBN-13: 978-1457312199

Calculator: TI-83 model. Access to a graphing calculator will help students get the most out of the class. The calculator skills in the live classes will be demonstrated on a TI-83.

8 reviews for SAT Math Prep (Live Class)

  1. Sydney Finch

    For a little bit of background, I’m a junior in high school. Before I took Mrs. Gomes’ class, I had taken the PSAT once and the SAT twice, and had tried a multitude of different programs to help study for the exams. However, out of all the the study methods I tried, Mrs. Gomes has probably helped me the most. She gives her students a tailored SAT prep schedule which includes Kahn academy work, practice tests, and detailed instruction videos. I found Mrs. Gomes’ teaching to be incredibly easy to follow (and her teaching style helps to make the class engaging and fun.) Her outside class videos are also very helpful, and she teaches on dozens of problems of varying difficulty and material, just like those on the SAT test. I would highly recommend that students take this class. You will all be glad that you did! 🙂

  2. Kim G.

    This class is phenomenal! Going into it, I hadn’t touched Algebra in quite some time, but Mrs. Gomes’ teaching methods really brought everything back. Her classes are fun and engaging, as well as full of awesome information and tips. She explains concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion, and I couldn’t be happier with the class.

    Subjects like graphing and quadratics are something I have always struggled with, but Mrs. Gomes really made it click for me, and I’m much better in solving these types of problems.

    10/10 class and I would definitely recommend this course to any highschooler who is looking to bump up their score in SAT math!
    Thank you Mrs. Gomes!

  3. Jonah Brown

    I took Mrs. Gomes SAT Math Prep course to better my understanding of the test and to get a higher score. The class was well structured. Everything was well put and easy to understand. I truly feel like I learned a lot and I’m looking forward to seeing progress in my next SAT score. I highly recommend this test.

  4. Glenna

    This class made me feel confident and prepared to take the SAT. Mrs. Gomes did a fantastic job adjusting our work according to the areas where we each needed the most help. Not only did she teach us critical math concepts, but also test taking skills that prepared us to take both the SAT and the ACT.

    I am pleased to say that I scored 710 in SAT math, and I know that I wouldn’t have earned the same score without Mrs. Gomes`s class.

  5. Emily

    I think Mrs.Gomes does an excellent job. She helped me get a better understanding of the SAT math section and helped me with my weak areas in SAT math. Mrs. Gomes created a personalized schedule for me, which was extremely helpful, based on my score from the math SAT test she gave me. She also had me work on Khan Academy and watch her helpful math videos online throughout the week, and had me email her with any problems I had.This class was very helpful and was a good preparation for the SAT.

  6. Gorilla Web

    After taking this class, I grew from someone who’s heart would skip a beat at the sight of a math problem on a test to someone who has now gained confidence in knowing how to tackle those very problems. What is distinctive about this class is the personal study plan Mrs. Gomes creates for each student. Homework was geared for us individually based on the topics we struggled with on a practice exam. At the beginning of each week, we attended a live webinar class where problems we had trouble with during the week were gone over. Class was very engaging. Mrs. Gomes drew everybody in and made us feel comfortable asking questions in class. Throughout the week, we watched videos she had made on particular concepts and worked through Khan Academy’s SAT practice questions. I appreciated how Mrs. Gomes went above and beyond in answering the questions I emailed her. All in all, I found this class to be not only good preparation for the SAT, but a solid, timely review of the math skills needed for life.

  7. Gorilla Web

    Never before have I been able to confidently look at an SAT math question and absolutely know how to approach it. I’ve struggled with math before, but this class showed me that it is no big deal. Mrs. Gomes is a fun and welcoming teacher. I felt very comfortable coming to her with my questions during class. I think it is amazing that we get our own study plans, and the work load seemed to be balanced well throughout the week. Her videos are short, sweet, and to the point! Which is everything you’re looking for in an SAT math review. They were very clear and helpful.

    C.T., N.C.

  8. Gorilla Web

    I decided to take Mrs. Gomes’ SAT Math Prep course this past summer in order to get a kick-start on my SAT studying and learn what areas in math I was weakest on. Mrs. Gomes course far exceeded my expectations and made it much easier to dive into the overwhelming task of studying for the SATs. What was most beneficial about the course was the way Mrs. Gomes laid it out and the videos she created. Mrs. Gomes maps out a customized weekly & daily plan for every student, based on their SAT goals and how they did on the SAT practice test at the beginning of the course. It was very simple, organized, and easy to follow, which is something that many online courses have yet to master. Every week tackled a new math subject and most days included a couple of videos explaining different concepts as well as practice problems. Every week ended with a quiz going over what you had learned. Mrs. Gomes videos are excellent, and I actually found them better than the famous Kahn Academy videos because her explanations were very clear and effective.

    I felt like there was just the right amount of work, and it was easy for me to double up some days or catch up if I had been busy and fallen behind in assignments. If you are trying to really master the subjects, I would suggest also doing your own studying and practice problems on subjects that you are having a difficult time with.

    Mrs. Gomes was always available to provide one-on-one help when I had questions or was struggling with a topic and she is one of the best math problem explainers there is! The live classes are also very helpful if you’re able to attend those, for Mrs. Gomes goes over all of the trickiest questions from the weekly quizzes. I highly recommend this course in order to start your SAT studying journey in the best possible way! M. L., MD.

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Instructor Bio

Kathryn (Bell) Gomes

I was homeschooled k-12 and I loved it, but math was not the strongest part of my home education. I’ll never forget my first day in a calculus classroom at the University of Pittsburgh, I was so unprepared! I survived and was able to graduate with a major in mathematics, but not without noting quite a few things I wish I had done differently in high school. Now that I am homeschooling my own kids I’m committed to helping other home schooled students enter college math classrooms prepared and confident. I am also the author of Apologia’s elementary math program for home school families to help young students experience the beauty and fun of mathematics at an early age. Find out more here.

When I am not working on something math-related I’m probably trying out a science experiment with my three little ones, cooking something spicy (we love Indian food!), or running in a local Philly race (look towards the back of the pack . . . I’m quite slow).

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