Readers in Residence Volume 1: Sleuth

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Note: This course contains explicit Christian content.

Grades: 5th and up

Live class: Mondays 12:30–1:30 p.m. EST

Course dates: August 27th–May 6th

Price: $499

Instructor: Heather A. Eades

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Course Description

Teaching students how to give voice to their experiences and ideas through the written word, while understanding the writer’s craft has been program author Debra Bell’s life work. Based around volume 1 of her Readers in Residence, Sleuth curriculum, this class will serve as a literature circle and guided study group for your students, with the added benefit of being part of a community of readers, sharing quality literature and fun projects!

This course provides the unique features of 1-on-1 instruction from a “Resident Language Artist” offering professional writing/reading coach guidance, facilitated group discussions, and an audience where students can share and celebrate their weekly work and Unit projects, or wrestle with new or difficult concepts in a collaborative environment. Led by a professional writer/editor as their writing coach/literature guide, this class provides students with a community setting for developing and practicing new comprehension skills, discussing literature, and utilizing expanded vocabulary learning, in creative and interactive ways. The course instructor provides guidance and classroom support in understanding the author’s craft and literary elements, and equips students to become analytical readers, critical thinkers, creative writers with rich vocabulary, and excellent peer reviewers.

This class, (geared toward middle-grade students who are able to write and read fluently with little struggle, or older novice or reluctant writers/readers), will focus on maturing students in both skill and confidence through:

  • Studying six books in three genres of narrative fiction, with weekly group discussions.
  • Becoming an active, critical reader who studies the author’s choices and intentions in writing, through close analysis of the author’s craftsmanship in each select book.
  • Engaging in class discussions around analytical reading assignments, alongside fun, interactive, and engaging skill builders.
  • Fun, small-group activities to reinforce weekly learning.
  • Increasing reading comprehension, as well as new vocabulary.
  • Recognizing the overarching patterns of a story through character development, plot, and theme, while inspecting an author’s style and voice; and learning to read for inference, connotation, and figurative meaning.
  • Guided help demonstrating their learning through fun-tastic Unit Projects and personal book reviews.
  • Sharing the joy of reading and discussing the same books with friends made all over the country!


While students will not receive official letter grades for their assignments, as your student’s literature guide, I will provide instruction and guidance, as well as targeted feedback on each phase of all assignments, helping students through the process of evaluation utilizing the rubrics in each text.  Emphasis on all assignments will be on developing the individual’s strengths, and improving weaknesses of each student work, encouraging personal progress and overall growth in the language arts.

Required Text: Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth)

This text contains explicit Christian content.

Instructor Bio

Heather A. Eades

Mrs. Eades is a creative, fun-loving teacher, passionate about helping students discover and develop their creative gifts through writing, literature, and the arts. Heather A. Eades has over 20 years of experience as both a professional editor and freelance writer, and has enjoyed teaching art and writing to homeschoolers for the past 7 years. She holds an M.A. in Education with certification in Early Literacy Instruction, a B.A. in the Visual Arts and English, and is also a homeschooling mama of 2 who has enjoyed using the Writers in Residence/Readers in Residence series with her own teen and preteen. She has served as an editor for SRA/McGraw-Hill, Inc., editor/writer for Group Publishing, Inc., columnist for F& W Publishing’s Memory Makers Magazine, writer for The Mailbox Magazine and books, part of the editorial team for Apologia Educational Ministries, and currently serves as editor of online course content for Colorado Christian University.



Required Texts

Readers in Residence Volume 1 (Sleuth)

This curriculum contains explicit Christian content.


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Instructor Bio

Heather A. Eades

Heather Eades is a homeschooling mama-writer of two, who enjoys wearing multiple hats. With over twenty years of professional experience in publishing as both a writer and editor, her specialty has become designing and implementing creative curriculum and educational “fun-tivities” for all ages. And while she continues to work as a freelance writer/editor by night, by day she is passionate about homeschooling, teaching her own and other students in their homeschooling community.


Heather earned her B.A. in Visual Art and English from Otterbein College in Westerville, OH many moons ago, and recently completed her M.A. in education from the University of Colorado, along with certification in Early Literacy Instruction. She has served as an editor for SRA/McGraw-Hill, Inc., editor/writer for Group Publishing, Inc., columnist for F& W Publishing’s Memory Makers Magazine, writer for The Mailbox Magazine and books, and currently is part of the editorial team for Apologia Educational Ministries. She also holds 7 years of formal classroom teaching experience. She has loved combining both her education, experiences and her passion for the subject matter, teaching innovative art and writing classes over the past 6 years at a local homeschool co-op, a creative arts-based ministry, and also from her own home, for students K—jr. high. This past school year she especially enjoyed using Writers in Residence with her own middle graders.


In her spare time, Heather loves to laugh, exercise, help her husband volunteer in jr. high youth ministry at their church, and can be found consuming obscene amounts of coffee.

All classes taught by Heather A. Eades