Literature and Composition

From: $85.00 / month for 8 months

Grades: 9th-10th

Live Class: Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST

Course Dates: August 26th – May 5th

Price: $599

Instructor: Kristen Roy

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Course Description

This live online literature and composition class is suited for  high school students and advanced middle school students.

Writers WRITE and writers READ, and this course offers students a wide selection of opportunities to grow in both areas. With a focus on  creative style and artistic expression, this course designed for high school credit takes a close look at communicating ideas through language, and studies the literary tools writers use to do so in an interesting and engaging manner. Through reading and reflecting on the work and lives of a variety of authors across multiple genres, students will grow in analytic skills, clear communication, and the art and craft of writing well.

My teaching style is lighthearted, relational, and tailored to each group of students in my class. In order to create a relaxed atmosphere where students feel comfortable sharing their original thoughts and writing, I foster a positive and encouraging environment of authenticity, and emphasize I’m not looking for “the textbook answer” but rather students’ honest thoughts and opinions backed by support. Many students may not know how to do that coming into my class, but this is the place where we all learn how. Our virtual class time is a safe place to discuss struggles with the text, try some creative writing of our own, as well as celebrate our academic accomplishments in a writing/reading community.

Course Structure

A pre-AP high school level English course, this composition and literature combo class incorporates both creative style and artistic expression with a focus on writing authentically and studying literature from a writer’s perspective. This course designed for high school credit takes a close look at clearly communicating ideas through language and studies the literary tools and techniques writers use to do so effectively. Through reading, reflecting on, and responding creatively to exemplary works of various authors across multiple genres, students will grow in analytic skills, supporting their unique thoughts and opinions, and the art and craft of writing well. Over the course of the school year, students will read, analyze, reflect on, discuss, and respond in writing to 7 classic/award-winning novels in numerous genres, while developing as writers and critical thinkers through weekly writing assignments, monthly essays, and several creative projects tied to the literature. Each week includes weekly reading and writing assignments, written discussion posts, and lively class discussions.

We will meet for an online live class time/writer’s group/literary circle each Wednesday, with recordings of each class posted on Thursday for those who missed. There will be weekly writing assignments (both analytical and creative), including a reflective analytical study of each book and 2 larger projects (1 per semester). Students can also expect to participate in written online group discussions in Canvas each week as we read through the literature pieces together. This class will require 5-6 hours of combined reading and writing each week.

Who should enroll?

Students in 9th or 10th grade should enroll in this class. If students have taken both Creative Composition 1 and CC2 they may be accepted as an 8th grader.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will receive extensive comments and individualized feedback on their written assignments via Canvas. I guide students through the process of clearly communicating both their personal thoughts about the texts and their academic responses through analytic writing. My end goal is to have students be able to understand the process of analyzing literature, communicate their thoughts with cited evidence and support in both group discussions and writing, and to work toward creating written responses to the literature through creative composition and analytic writing.

Homework is given each Wednesday after class, with assignments to be turned in before class the following Tuesday evening. Students can expect feedback on their work by Friday evening, the week it is turned in (Monday, for larger assignments). Final grades are based on class participation, weekly homework assignments, and major projects. I will send out a mid-year evaluation and end of year evaluation with additional parent communication as needed.


I will confirm registration with parents and provide a welcome email with clear details on how to navigate this course. All parents are welcome to join us in Canvas as observers and I will respond to all parents and student questions via email or Canvas message within 24 hours. I prefer communication through Canvas on our course website.

Required Texts

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer–Mark Twain

A Christmas Carol–Charles Dickens

The Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien

To Kill a Mockingbird–Harper Lee

A Wrinkle in Time–Madeleine L’Engle

When You Reach Me–Rebecca Stead

Call of the Wild–Jack London


  1. Mrs. Pindak

    March 6, 2020
    Mrs. Roy was able to teach my son how to improve his writing style and build his confidence as a story teller. We loved her teaching style, and constant encouragement to persevere in his writing. She works incredibly with kids of all ages & is passionate about teaching.

  2. Linda Kidder

    March 5, 2020

    Our daughter specifically learned valuable skills in writing her first research paper, including how to identify credible sources and proper citation. She also had the opportunity to experiment in writing fantasy for the first time, which was a brand new genre for her.

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Instructor Bio

Kristen K. Roy

Kristen is a Colorado native.  She earned her teaching degree in Secondary English Education from the University of Northern Colorado.  Kristen has been a homeschooling mom for over 16 years and is now a proud grandma as well. She has enjoyed teaching in both public and private school settings. For the last decade she has been teaching at her homeschool co-op and started teaching online this last year and loves helping students grow in their natural abilities to write. Teaching students how to analyze literature and poetry as well as create their own poetry, research papers, essays, short stories and analytical papers is one of her passions. She also enjoys riding bikes, meeting with friends and having family gatherings!

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