French 1 (Section 2)

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Grades: 7th and up

Live class: Thursdays 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. EST

Course dates: August 30th–May 9th

Price: $499

Instructor: Sally Barstow

Instructor email:


Course Description

French 1

Students will learn to read, speak, write, and understand French while also discovering French and Francophone culture.

This introduction to the French language is designed to establish a strong foundation in the
language which will then be built upon in the years to follow. The focus will be on useful
communication, accurate pronunciation and basic grammar concepts. Skills in listening,
speaking, reading and writing will be introduced. Using the textbook to structure our study of
French, many other resources will be incorporated to provide a broad experience for the class.
Being all about communication, students can anticipate some good exchange with one another.
We will touch upon the vast contributions the French have made in history, art, literature and
culture and why it is spoken on every continent.


Required Texts

Required Texts:
Bon Voyage, Glencoe French 1, ISBN: 978-0078791444 (also used for French 2)
Bon Voyage, Glencoe French 1 Workbook ISBN: 978-0078242694 (Also used in French 2)


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Instructor Bio

Sally Barstow

I received my BA in French from Mary Washington College.  During my college years, I studied at the Université de Dijon in Dijon, France.  Visits to Belgium have allowed me to keep in contact with the Belgian side of my family.  My 25 years as an educator have found me teaching all levels of French: from public school and private school elementary foreign language programs to High School French I-IV, primarily with homeschoolers.  I am currently teaching beginning adult immersion courses at the Alliance Française, a world-wide organization established to promote the French language.  I love speaking French and helping others acquire the ability to do so as well.

French 1, 2, 3, and 4


All classes taught by Sally Barstow