English Foundations 1

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Grades: 6th–7th

Live Class: Thursdays 3:30 p.m. EST

Course Dates: August 24th–April 30th

Price: $499

Instructor: Beverly Graybill

Instructor E-mail:Mrs.BevGraybill@gmail.com

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Bev Graybill

This live online English class for middle school students (at least 11 years old) includes writing, literature, grammar, and vocabulary, all in one class. This comprehensive class seeks to prepare middle school students for more advanced courses in English. An advantage of any outside English class is having someone other than “Mom” to review/grade the student’s compositions. Class interaction with the other students will also enhance the class.

Students will:

  • Review the steps of the writing process and identify the traits of effective writing, applying these skills to their own writing.
  • Write “warm-up” paragraphs to increase confidence in writing.
  • Write multi-paragraph descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive essays, with teacher review to improve each composition.
  • Write a short story (either autobiographical or imaginative) in which the narrator faces a problem or challenge.
  • Prepare and present a short demonstration speech.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of English grammar including: punctuation, mechanics, spelling, sentence structure, and parts of speech.
  • Identify the basic elements of literature, including: setting, character, plot, point of view, and conflict.
  • Identify techniques of literature, such as: foreshadowing, flashback, and figures of speech (including simile, metaphor, hyperbole, and personification.)
  • Be introduced to various genres of writing and discuss their differences, as well as read short stories and novels in different genres.
  • Be introduced to legends and folk tales, such as Tales from the Arabian Nights and the legend of Robin Hood.
  • Be introduced to the sounds and techniques used in poetry, prepare a poetry recitation, and write several of his/her own poems.
  • Improve their reading comprehension through thought-provoking questions and discussion of the novels read together.
  • Learn new vocabulary words in context in the novels read together.
  • Learn new vocabulary words through the Wordly Wise curriculum.

Course Structure

During the first semester, the course features a 3-week writing cycle, followed by a 3-week literature cycle, with one week of overlap. Most days also include a grammar and vocabulary exercise. During the second semester, the cycles are extended to 4-week cycles as students complete two longer projects. We end the year with a month focused on poetry, including a contest with prizes.

Who should apply?

This class is open to all sixth and seventh graders who would like a structured, formal English class.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Headset and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Microsoft Word and Power Point is extremely helpful. If using a different word processing program, the document should be saved or exported as a pdf in order to submit it on Canvas.

Evaluation and Feedback

Writing assignments receive much feedback before they are graded according to a rubric featuring the effective traits of writing. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are usually graded automatically by Canvas. In literature, students are expected to answer comprehension questions that are graded based on effort.


Parents are welcome to contact me with questions at my email  before registering, but it is not necessary before enrolling a student. Once I know a student has registered, the family will receive a welcome packet with additional information about the course. I will contact parents if there is a concern that a student is not keeping up with the work or frequently turning in late assignments.

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Required Texts

Course Materials:

Parents must purchase:

  • Write Source: Student Edition, 2012, GRADE 6

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, 2012.     ISBN: 978-0547-48502-7

This book also includes grammar exercises; no further grammar workbook is required.

  • Wordly Wise 3000 Student Book 6 Fourth Edition

Educators Publishing Service Fourth Edition, 2017     ISBN: 978-08388-7706-7

If parents prefer, 7th graders may purchase and complete

  • Wordly Wise 3000 Student Book 7 Fourth Edition

Educators Publishing Service, Fourth Edition, 2017     ISBN: 978-08388-7707-4

Also, students should have access to an age-appropriate dictionary and thesaurus; at the parents’ discretion, they may use online sites such as dictionary.com and thesaurus.com.

Novels:  Any version is fine unless otherwise specified

(Parents may decide to purchase these or use your local library, if you can keep the book for at least 4 weeks and have it at the needed time.)

  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi
  • Wonder by R.J. Palacio
  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster
  • The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle (Be sure it is NOT an abridged or child’s version, but the original, such as Sterling Classics 2004, Signet Classics 2006, Townsend Press 2005, or Children’s Press 1968) Note: If the book is less than 200 pages, it is probably not correct OR The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green (Puffin Classics 2010) OR The Adventures of Robin Hood: An English Legend by Paul Creswick (Reader’s Digest 1991)

Poetry and Short Stories:  It is not necessary to purchase a particular book for this.  All poems and short stories that everyone in the class should read will be posted on Canvas. In addition, students will need to choose a poem to analyze and recite; for this, he/she will need to search for poems on-line, purchase a collection of poetry, or make use of library poetry books.  For our folk tale unit, students can find folk tales either at their library or online.

9 reviews for English Foundations 1

  1. Parent

    -Consistent meeting times
    -Excellent teacher response to all assignments. I was blown away by the individualized feedback for each assignment, which enables the student to grow, regardless of their current caliber of work.
    -Teacher truly cared about the students. We had an issue come up partway into the year and the teacher was very caring and responsive, and gave grace to our child.

  2. Parent

    We have been thrilled with this class. I really wanted my daughter to have another teacher other than myself before entering high school and other online classes. This class gave her a safe place for that transition to happen. She was challenged, guided, and encouraged. I feel like the class helped to strengthen some of the areas where I did not know how to teach/grade and gave her confidence in some areas we didn’t know she was strong in. My daughter has struggled with confidence with schooling and was so scared to go into a different learning situation (which was one reason I really pushed for this) and Mrs. Graybill did such a great job of making her feel comfortable and confident. Her thorough evaluations on the writing assignments were so helpful. If you put in the effort, you will succeed in this class. We are so thrilled she took this class and had this opportunity to learn and grow in her language arts skills.

  3. Parent

    Covers grammar, literature, vocabulary and writing. Well laid out in that students are given daily expectations to complete with weekly due dates. This allows great flexibility for students to do daily work to keep on track or work ahead if they are inclined to do so. Besides weekly class sessions, students had videos and PowerPoints to reference for information. Mrs. Graybill was very patient with my daughter and I am grateful for her help with English this past year. Five stars for Mrs. Graybill and this course.

  4. Joseph M.

    5 (stars) I think that Mrs.Graybill is an awesome teacher. She expects a lot from you, but not too much, and can be flexible too. I loved this course and am kind of sad that it is coming to an end. I hope to take more of her classes in the future.

  5. Selena (verified owner)

    This was my son’s first online class and it was amazing! We were looking for just a writing class, but he learned literature study, grammar, and vocabulary in this class. Mrs. Graybill offers very informational classes in a fun way. It was a bit fast paced for us, maybe because it was his first online class, but we’re both glad he took the class. His writing improved and I gained so much knowledge. I now feel confident in helping him check his assignments and in reinforcing what she taught him about writing. Two thumbs up!

  6. Brantlee

    Mrs. Graybill is such an amazing teacher! This was my first English class and I was a little scared, but Mrs. Graybill took me under her wing and was very positive through it all. I would highly recommend this class to other students. I learned a lot, and am still learning. It always helps to have an amazing teacher by your side.


  7. Meenakshi Gupta

    This was my son’s first English class and we joined the class in October. Mrs. Graybill was very welcoming and even waived off vocabulary exercises for him. She explained the course material very well and answered our questions very promptly. She took the time to grade students’ work, and always had a positive comment for every assignment.
    My son gained a lot from this class. He was completely responsible for this class and completed his assignments on time. His writing skills have improved tremendously. This is all because of all the hard work Mrs. Graybill put in. Thank you so much, Mrs. Graybill.

  8. Rebecca Klabunde (verified owner)

    Both my daughter and my son have taken courses and we couldn’t speak more highly of their experience! Mrs. Graybill is warm, friendly, and helps all of the students feel at ease. She is both thorough in her explanations and dependable to answer questions in a timely manner. We also appreciated her willingness to work with each and every student, individually, if they struggled with a particular area. Her patience comes across in all that she does and it’s evident that she works hard to make sure that each of her students succeeds! We all think that Mrs. Graybill is AMAZING!

  9. Josie Pinnow

    What an excellent class with a wonderful, loving instructor! I highly recommend this course for any middle school student. My son learned so much, especially in grammar!

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Instructor Bio

Bev Graybill

I attended Millersville University, earning a B.S. in Special Education, a M.S. in Elementary Education, and a Reading Certificate. After teaching for several years in both public and private schools, I left the world of teaching to start my own family, discovering the amazing world of home schooling! I serve as a home school evaluator in Pennsylvania and have spent more than 20 years teaching at several home school co-ops and successfully graduating all four of my children. Currently, I also teach 4th-5th graders in a small private school. I love teaching middle school students that writing, literature, and even grammar can be fun!


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