Christian Literature

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Grades: 10th – 12th

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Class dates: August 27th–April 30th

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Instructor: Susan Spivey

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Course Description

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This course covers theological works from antiquity, such as St. Augustine’s “Confessions,” to more modern approaches, including several novels by C.S. Lewis. By reading the assigned works, students will not only consider the position of the authors (who they were in society, why they felt compelled to write, what they hoped to express), but also the style of writing employed by each authors. Students will be expected to engage in class discussions and respond to a variety of writing prompts and assignments. There are opportunities to respond to the literature in a number of creative ways, including skits, artwork, and musical performances.

Course Structure

While the reading list for this class is extensive, we approach each book by following the same method. Students will be assigned a certain number of pages from an assigned work which should be read before the next class. In class, we will discuss the approach of the author and share insights and critiques of the work. Several of the books will require multiple weeks to complete. Homework for each week is due on Thursdays, the day the class meets. Homework is meant to provide opportunity to reflect on each work assigned. In addition to weekly written homework, there are two to three creative projects assigned which provide an opportunity for students to share their gifts and talents. As stated above, most weeks will require students to read a minimum of 100 pages. If students have questions about the work, they can reach out to me during the week via email or they can bring that question(s) to class and we will discuss it with their classmates. If students miss a class, I do record the classes and can provide them to students upon request. Students will spend approximately 5 to 10 hours a week on this class.

Who should enroll?

The reading for this course is challenging, as stated above. Students who enroll in this class should be prepared to read at least 100 pages a week. Having completed a previous literature course is highly encouraged but not required. For this reason, this course is open to 10th through 12th grade students.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

As this class is a literature class, grades will be based upon completion of reading assignments and how students engage with that reading during class discussions and homework. This class thrives when students share their insights, observations, and own beliefs, and participation is a critical component of this course. I grade submissions weekly and provide feedback on student’s academic progress at the end of each semester. I am always happy to communicate with parents and students via email.


Once students are registered for this class, they will hear from me via email within one week. If you are considering this course and have questions, please feel free to email me.

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Required Texts

“Confessions,” Augustine, Pine-Coffin translation, ISBN: 014044114X, Publisher: Penguin Classic

“The Divine Comedy (Inferno),” Dante Aligheri, Dorothy Sayers translation, ISBN: 0140440062, Publisher: Penguin Classic

“Peace Like a River,” Leif Enger

“Paradise Lost,” John Milton, ISBN: 014042426, Publisher: Penguin Classic

“Perelandra,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“The Last Battle,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“Mere Christianity,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“Screwtape Letters,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“The Great Divorce,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“The Four Loves,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)

“Till We Have Faces,” C.S. Lewis (any edition)


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Instructor Bio

Susan Spivey

Susan Spivey is enthusiastic about sharing her love of literature with students and finds tremendous joy in teaching. Susan earned her MA in English from Arizona State University and her BS in Journalism from the University of Maryland. She worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for several years before starting her family. Susan also worked as a freelance writer for magazines and as a substitute teacher in public schools. She has taught English for many years and has been teaching for AIM Academy since 2015. When she is not reading a book, discussing a book, or teaching about books, you can find her in her garden, likely with a book nearby.

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