Advanced Research Writing

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Grades: 8th–12th

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Course Dates: Jan 8–Feb 15

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Instructor: Dr. Lauren Bailes

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Course Description

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Take your research to the next level in this seven week live mini-course. Not only is research writing essential for a college-bound student, but students should be skilled communicators of research. This class does both: you will advance your research writing and prepare for an oral defense of your research.

At this point, you’ve already developed a research paper. In this course, we take the skills you’ve developed and build on them. You know how to look for resources and now we’ll think about biases, slants, and objectivity in those resources. You know how to write and use an outline and now we’ll think about the logic of inquiry throughout your argument. You know how to identify an audience for your research and now we’ll prepare a presentation to convince that audience of your perspective. This seven-week course addresses all aspects of the advanced research writing as well as presentation and oral argument.

Research papers are typically required in high school and university courses and are often represented in numerous content areas. This is a great place to advance your research skills in order to prepare for internships, publications, and undergraduate research experiences. Students can choose to write on topics of personal interest or use the paper in this course to meet requirements of other courses. Students will receive one round of individualized feedback prior to submitting a final paper as well as a grade and feedback on the final product. They will also practice presenting and discussing research in a digital academic conference on the last day of class.

Course Structure

Each week includes both reading and writing assignments designed to scaffold students toward a successful written research paper and oral defense. We meet for live, one-hour classes each Friday, although students are welcome to view the recordings if they cannot attend synchronously. Steps on the scaffold include clarifying your audience and argument, evaluating biases and argument quality, and preparing to orally defend your research.

Section 3: Advanced Research Paper Writing
Week Guiding question Project stage
1 Question and explore Who is my reader? Audience assessment
2 Understand and analyze Where are the gaps in my argument? Expanded outline with subsections
3 Evaluate multiple perspectives Where are my biases? How do they influence the quality of my argument? Bias/assumption/value language tracker
4 Evaluate multiple perspectives How do I help my reader follow my argument? Transitions map
5 Synthesize ideas How do I ensure all of my sources add something to my argument? Reference checklist
6 Team, transform, and transmit How do I read my own work critically? Revision checklist
7 Team, transform, and transmit How do I share my ideas? 15-20 page research paper

Submission to contest/other outlet

Who should enroll?

This class is designed for 10th–12th grade students and the prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Research Writing because students must have an existing, complete research paper draft to enroll in the class. Students who wish to join but who did not take Introduction to Research Writing must submit an 8-10 page research paper to the instructor before enrolling.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

I believe in ample, individualized feedback so that each student can successfully engage with the research process in a way that is exciting and intellectually satisfying. Research is, at its heart, about advocacy (selecting a question or problem important to the writer) and activism (suggesting a course of action that answers the question or solves the problem). Rubrics are available for each assignment that address the major components of quality nonfiction writing and the specifics associated with quality research writing. Students will receive feedback via Canvas, and each student will have at least one session of one-on-one feedback time in advance of the final submission.


Parent support is essential to success in this class, and I welcome any questions parents have throughout the class. Parents and families are welcome to contact me before registering at [email protected] and new registrants will receive a welcome email with additional startup information.


Required Texts

All texts provided by instructor via Canvas. Student must be able to open, read, and annotate PDFs and documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf).


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