Acting 102: Character Development From Scripts

From: $85.00 / month for 3 months

Grades: 9th–12th

Live Class: Mondays  5 PM -6:30 PM EST (90 minute class)

Course Dates: Jan 4 –Feb 19

Price: $225

Instructor: Jill Panyard

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Course Description

This live online acting class is for 9th-12th grade high school students. As a mini-course, students will take seven weeks to learn how to create characters from the written word, including open scenes and scripts, and brief monologues by Shakespeare. They will learn how to break down a script, understand its meaning, form a character from the words and deliver the performance. Games and exercises will be used to reinforce the elements of acting and a variety of scripts will be provided. Individual and group work will be taught. Beginners and those familiar with the acting tools are welcome. All will appreciate the written word through the theatre’s lens. The class is aligned with the National Standards of the Theatre Arts. The class includes weekly 90 minute meetings on Zoom with a small class size. Class attendance is required, and participation is necessary. Students will present individually and, at times, with a partner or in small groups. Class time is essential for students to participate in discussion and exercises, leading them to awareness and understanding of the written word for the stage. Each class builds on the next, making it necessary for students to come to class prepared and ready for challenge and fun! Even through a virtual experience, students will still come away with an understanding of what stage performance requires.


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