$50.00 one time payment

Grades: All

Subjects: All

Price: $50/hr.

Instructors: Request tutoring directly from the teacher, then purchase agreed on number of tutoring blocks here.


Course Description

Tutoring may be purchased in $50/hr time blocks. Please make arrangements with the teacher prior to registering. As per arrangement with teacher, a 1 hr. block may be broken into 2 (30 minute) or 3 (2o minute) segments.

Small group tutoring (3 or more students) is available for $30/hr. Contact [email protected] for more information.


Kristen Teaman – elementary, all subjects

Susan Habacivch – high school math

Michele Diggins – 5th grade math — precalculus

Lisa Duckworth — all high school sciences

Nate Gilbert — high school economics, government, history, geography

Natania Cook — 4th–12th, grammar, composition, reading comprehension

Susan Spivey — high school grammar, composition, reading, literature

Lili Serbicki – middle school essay writing, high school essay writing, SAT English prep


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