Spanish 2-4 with Embedded Economics

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From: $79.00 / month for 8 months

Grades: 8th–12th

Live Class:  Sec 1: Tues 5:45–6:45 p.m. ET (recommended for more advanced Spanish students)

Sec 2: Wed 10:45–11:45 a.m. ET (less intensive)

Dates: Aug 24–Apr 29

Price: $549

Instructor: David Nance with Rachel Nance

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Course Description


Note: This class is organized and run by David Nance, but his wife, Rachel, teaches the Wednesday live class. The Tuesday class will be taught almost exclusively in Spanish, while the Wednesday class will cover the same material but will be less intensive. More information about the Nances and their teaching experiences can be found at the end of this course description.

Languages are best learned in context, and languages are inherently about community. For those reasons, we take a unique approach to learning Spanish at Aim Academy. Rather than focusing on Spanish itself in our intermediate class, we use Spanish as a vehicle to study other academic subjects. This approach is known as Content-Based Instruction (or CBI) in the United States, and as Content and Language Integrated Learning (or CLIL) in Europe. We encourage students to spend 3-4 years in our intermediate class. For this reason, we rotate topics each year (health one year, followed by economics, then geography, then current events).

During their time in this class, students are exposed to a wide range of real-world topics while they work to improve their Spanish communication skills. Since we embed different subject areas into our intermediate Spanish course each year, students can earn not only a Spanish credit, but also a credit for the other subject area that we study.

In our Spanish with Embedded Economics course, we will use materials from many different countries to study different aspects of economic growth and development on a personal, community, national, and international level. Throughout the year, we will look at posters, documents, and videos that teach about these different topics, and students will create projects each week and then share (in Spanish) what they have learned. In this way, students will get contextualized practice with reading, listening, speaking, and writing Spanish. Students in this class will have varied backgrounds and ability levels, but each student will be able to tailor the work to his or her own needs.

Course Structure

We begin the school year with a pretest and end with a post-test. Otherwise, each week of class follows a uniform format, which is as follows:

Each week has a topic related to the study of economics (for instance, a week’s topic might be supply and demand, or the origins and purpose of money, or the benefits of trade). Students are presented with a list of materials in Spanish about that week’s topic (videos, infographics, blogs, websites, etc.). Each student will spend time throughout the week reviewing those materials, and create and share a project in Spanish about the week’s topic. They are encouraged to be creative and have fun with their projects. Additionally, students are expected to spend time doing things in Spanish at least five days each week, and they report their efforts on a weekly timesheet. The weekly timesheets and the weekly projects make up the bulk of their grade for the class.

Who should enroll?

Section 1 (Tuesday) of the course is for students in grades 8-12 who have had several years of Spanish, and who are comfortable with a class that is taught almost exclusively in Spanish. Intermediate students who would prefer a less intensive course should enroll in Section 2 (Wednesday). Parents are welcome to reach out to David Nance by email to ask questions about placement.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Microphone and Webcam (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures and other videos related to the course

Evaluation and Feedback

It is our belief that students learn best when they are comfortable and engaged in the work that they are doing. We also believe that languages are learned through large amounts of exposure to engaging, comprehensible input. Therefore, our focus is not on small details, but rather on the big picture. Students who complete their work in a timely manner and make a habit of participating in our weekly live class sessions can expect to do well in the class.

Feedback on specific assignments tends to be supportive feedback rather than corrective feedback, but we do comment on common or easily avoidable mistakes. Students who are looking for more corrective feedback (particularly concerning the mechanics of the language) should consider supplementing this course with our self-paced Spanish Grammar course.


Barring unusual circumstances, we grade assignments within 48 hours and reply to student and parent messages within 24 hours.


Required Texts


Course materials are supplied by the teacher.

Parents wishing to buy a companion text can contact David Nance for recommendations.

4 reviews for Spanish 2-4 with Embedded Economics

  1. Margaret B (verified owner)

    My daughter took the Spanish Health class and I cannot speak highly enough about this approach to learning Spanish! My daughter was hesitant to take the class because she only knew some basic vocabulary and did not want to feel self-conscious with the teacher or among other students who had more experience. Not only did she learn Spanish this year, she also learned about important health topics! Sr. Nance did an outstanding job making my daughter comfortable enough to learn and made learning Spanish a fun and meaningful experience!

  2. Linda H

    My daughter has taken Sr. Nance’s Spanish 2 & Spanish 3 classes. She has really enjoyed his classes and has significantly improved her Spanish language skills in the past two years thanks to his innovative teaching style. He has even developed several Spanish websites that she has found very helpful for additional practice. Sr. Nance assigns many engaging projects that expand the students’ ability to communicate their knowledge of Spanish language and culture. Spanish is now her favorite subject, and she looks forward to taking Spanish 4 with him next year.

  3. Naomi

    I took Sr. Nance’s Spanish 3 class my senior year of high school. Going into the class, I had already taken 4 years of Spanish, but I did not feel confident in my Spanish speaking or writing abilities, at all.
    Upon starting the school year with Sr. Nance, I knew instantly that I was going to love his class. His teaching methods create a positive, stress-free environment that truly encourages learning and academic growth. No question is unimportant; he spends time giving in-depth answers until he is sure that his students understand the concepts. Every assignment is fun; Sr. Nance creates unique, interactive assignments that never feel like work, but significantly teach about the Spanish language, history, and culture. His classes helped me understand the Spanish language in a way that no textbook or computer program ever did.
    Throughout my high school career, I have taken dozens of online courses through multiple online schools, including colleges and universities. Out of all the professors I have had, Sr. Nance was the best teacher that I have experienced. He went above and beyond helping me with my Spanish skills. Not only did he help me improve my Spanish communication skills, but he also helped me prepare for the Spanish CLEP test.
    The only regret I have in my high school career is that I did not begin taking Sr. Nance’s classes sooner!

  4. Sarah Oliver

    This year I enrolled my daughter into Mr. Nance’s class for Spanish, Level 3. Previously, she had completed Rosetta Stone, Levels one and two, and she also had taken BJU Spanish.

    As soon as my daughter started Mr. Nance’s course, she was raving about how the Spanish Language had finally come to life for her. She thoroughly enjoyed the projects and assignments, as well as Mr. Nance’s teaching style. Mr. Nance made himself available for any questions, and was extremely helpful with everything she needed throughout the school year. I would highly recommend his Spanish courses to any high school student.

    Thank you, Mr. Nance!

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Instructor Bio

David and Rachel Nance

David and Rachel Nance have been teaching Aim Spanish classes together for the last several years, in addition to working together to raise and homeschool their five children.  Both have deep roots with the Spanish language and with education.  In addition to living in Spain with their family in 2019-2020, they each previously lived in South America (David in Uruguay and Rachel in Bolivia) and have traveled extensively through Latin America and Europe.

David has a BA in Spanish Teaching from Brigham Young University, an MSE in Curriculum and Instruction from Arkansas State University, and a Master’s in School Management from the Universidad de Alcalá de Henares in Spain.  He has taught online Spanish classes since 2007, spent four years as the foreign language curriculum specialist at the Arkansas Department of Education, and worked for one year as an English language teaching assistant at a vocational school in Spain.

Rachel has a BS in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education.  She taught elementary school for four years before having children of her own. In addition to being fluent in Spanish, Rachel studied ASL for four semesters while she was in college.  When a Deaf couple started coming to her church four years ago, she finally got to put her learning into practice and became one of the interpreters for the couple. Rachel has taught Spanish and ASL classes in her home in addition to teaching for Aim Academy.

The Nances love spending time with their family.  They love to travel, learn languages, spend time outdoors, read, and play tabletop games.


All classes taught by David and Rachel Nance