Introduction to Sociology

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Grades: 10th–12th

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Dates: Aug 22–Apr 28

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Instructor: Bonnie Gonzalez M.ED.

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Course Description

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Course Syllabus

Live, graded high school sociology class recommended for 10th–12th graders with an interest in the social sciences. Students who score well on the Sociology CLEP exam earn college credit.

What is the role of the individual in society, and how does society affect individual lives? This course introduces students to the field of sociology and social psychology through a study of the classical studies of groups, culture, politics, and economics, and of recent topics such as prosocial behavior, attitudes, conflict theory, crime, racial inequalities, social classes, freedom of speech, and ageism.

We will examine common sense assumptions about psychology, culture, and government and will also look at the scientific studies into these fields. In addition, this class will emphasize critical thinking skills through class discussions, outside reading, and writing. Students will also have the opportunity to engage in some of their own research into a topic of interest. This course will fully prepare the student to take the CLEP exam in Sociology. This course fulfills a social science credit for high school.

Course Structure

Each Monday students will receive an email introducing them to the topics which we will cover for the week. This email will also contain links to any additional reading or videos which are required. Study tips and writing suggestions are also included in this communication. All of this information along with “paper lectures” on the material can also be found on the website under the module for the week.

There will be one two-hour live session each week. The first hour will be a lecture time. In the second hour, we will visit videos and websites which present the material we are studying and then, as a class, we will discuss the topics.

Weekly discussion board posts are required. There will be biweekly quizzes on the material. Two larger writing assignments are requirements for this class: the first is a critical thinking paper and the second is a research study into a topic of interest for the student.

Who should enroll?

Students in grades 9-12 are invited to enroll in this course.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will be required to complete biweekly tests and quizzes for each chapter. Discussion board posts and in-class discussions will be graded. There will be 3 major assignments for the year including an infographic, and two book reviews. Finally, students will have weekly assignments related to the concepts that we are covering.

Grades are based on participation in class discussions, quizzes, discussion board posts, and the completion of the two larger writing assignments. Work will be graded within the week it is posted. Since this is a class that focuses on both learning and critical evaluation of concepts, students will be graded on both their knowledge of the material and the ability to critically think about a piece of research.


Students and parents will be contacted as soon as registration is complete. A syllabus is included with this initial communication. Parents are copied on all communication with the students; therefore, they will also receive the weekly emails. Parents are welcome to contact me via email with any questions about the course. I am prompt with my responses to any email communication.

Required Texts


  • Essentials of Sociology, 12th edition, by Jim Henslin, ISBN 13: 978-0134205588, ISBN-10: 9780134205588

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  1. Allison Srp

    This was my second class with Mrs. G. – I had taken her AP Psychology class through Pennsylvania Homeschoolers the year before. This class was obviously a little less intense than that one, but it was still really fun and I leaned a ton. The course setup is very similar to AP Psych – textbook reading, reading on the website, videos, and a mix of assignments and tests with multiple choice and free response questions. One of the options for the final was to read a book on some aspect of sociology and write a paper about the topic it was about, and that was definitely my favorite assignment of the year. This was one of the few classes I took last year that wasn’t AP or dual enrollment, and it was a great break from those more difficult/stressful classes. It wasn’t terribly difficult, but I still felt I learned the material well, the subject was fascinating (and Mrs. G. taught it really well), and I highly recommend this class.

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Instructor Bio

Bonnie Gonzalez

The field of psychology is not only my career; it is also my passion. You might even call me a “psychology nerd.” Much of my free time is spent reading about new and interesting developments in the field. I have taught Introductory Psychology classes to homeschool students and college students and have taught AP Psychology for the past 13 years. Over the past four years, I also developed a series of self-improvement classes for junior high and high school students on the topics of GRIT, Growth Mindset, Getting Things Done for Teens, and Conquering Procrastination.  My teaching has also taken me into the corporate world where I have developed online seminars for healthcare providers on the topics of stress, communication, job burn-out, anger assessment and management, and boundary setting. I have 39 years of experience as a counselor in the field of individual, marriage, and family counseling where I had the opportunity to instruct individuals in developing new and more productive behaviors.  When I am not reading something new about psychology I enjoy gardening, running, and taking care of my dogs and fainting goats.  My degrees include an M.ED. in Counseling Psychology and a B.A in Psychology, both received from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

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