Pre-Calculus with Statistics

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Prerequisite:  Geometry and two years of Algebra

Grades:  10th–12th

Live Class:  Mon 2:30–3:25 p.m. ET

Level:  Regular or Honors

Dates:  Aug 21–May 10

Price:  $649 (R) $699 (H)

Instructor:  Susan Habacivch

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In our information-driven world, almost every college major now requires a course in statistics to enable students to make sense of this wealth of data. Many STEM, business, and social science fields also require Calculus, so this course combines the critical topics in Precalculus, Trigonometry, and Statistics in a unified way to give students a broad platform to launch their post high school studies. Following the completion of this course, students will be well positioned to take college level or AP courses in Statistics or Calculus. We will begin with an introduction to Statistics, then Functions, and finally Trigonometry. The course will alternate between the three topics, then integrate all three towards the end.

Topics included are:

  • Statistics: measures of central tendency and spread of data
  • Modeling Functions: linear, exponential, logarithms, quadratics, inverse variation, polynomials
  • Transformations: translations, scale change, symmetries, compositions, and inverses
  • Trigonometric Functions: translations, identities and modeling, Trigonometric equations, and applications.
  • Combinatorics, probability and chi-square, sequences, and series
  • Binomial distributions and probabilities
  • Normal distributions and confidence intervals
  • Matrices and their applications

Course Structure

Students can expect to spend at least 6-10 hours per week on this class. This time accounts for watching pre-recorded videos, reading daily assignments, completing daily homework, and submitting handwritten weekly assignments. The submitted homework will consist of video concept check questions, daily readings and note-taking, electronic practice questions, and textbook questions, some submitted as scanned written work, and some to be checked against an answer key that will be provided. Parent-proctored chapter tests will be required at the end of each chapter in which students will be required to show all their work. To help students learn good notetaking, notes from each chapter will be submitted and evaluated. Weekly live problem-solving and discussion sessions will be held where we work together on concepts and applications of concepts. Questions are welcomed! All course lectures are pre-recorded and available for students to play back at their convenience.

Students are not required to “meet” at the scheduled discussion time, but it is encouraged. Scheduled discussion times will be recorded for those unable to attend the live discussion times and available for approximately one month afterward.

Honors Level

The honors level of this Precalculus with Statistics course is designed for students interested in the STEM fields who have exceptional abilities, a strong math foundation, and high achievement levels. In addition to covering the topics in Precalculus with Statistics, Honors Precalculus with Statistics will require the completion of several projects, some additional assignments throughout the year, and cumulative tests.

Who should enroll?

Instructor approval is required to enroll. Students in grades 10-12 who have successfully completed geometry and two years of algebra must complete the linked application and placement test and be approved before registering.

The well-prepared applicant is familiar with the fundamentals of algebra and geometry, has the maturity to diligently complete the assigned homework, and will seek additional help when needed. Learning how to learn mathematics is stressed in this course, so students who are motivated to improve should apply.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Scanner or smart phone for submitting tests and homework

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will be graded on homework, projects, notes, tests, and exams. Submitted student work will be graded and returned within one week of the due dates. Grades are perpetually available throughout the course. Outside of class times, student may contact the teacher with any questions or concerns using the Canvas messages.


Parents are encouraged to oversee their student’s progress. They may contact me through Canvas messages on the course website. In addition, parent-teacher conferences will be offered in the fall and spring of the year.

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Required Texts


  • Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry, 3rd Edition, The University of Chicago School Math Program, McGraw-Hill Wright Group, 2010, ISBN  9780076176908
  • Graphing calculator, TI-83 or TI-84 (any version, Plus, CE, Silver, etc.)

The University School of Chicago School Mathematics Project texts are used in all of Aim Academy’s math classes. The design is colorful and engaging and the text is student-friendly. Technology is also incorporated so students learn to be proficient with scientific and graphing calculators. If you have additional questions about the text, please reach out to the instructor directly. Information about the curriculum and ordering directly from the publisher can be found here:



8 reviews for Pre-Calculus with Statistics

  1. David Ptashny

    Mrs. Habacivch is an excellent math teacher. My son just completed the Pre-Calculus with Statistics course with her. The lessons were well organized and the concepts were clearly explained. The assignments and tests were at an appropriate level. I liked the fact that she encouraged the students to take their own notes based on the textbook which she then graded. This is something my son never did for math, but will be so important when taking more advanced math courses. I feel like my son is now ready for AP Calculus next year. Thank you for all your hard work Mrs. H.

  2. Kristin Harsh (verified owner)

    Mrs. Habacivch is an outstanding math teacher! She is extremely organized and does an excellent job of taking challenging subject matter and breaking it down into manageable and understandable components. She is great at presenting information in a way that is clear and helpful. She is very approachable and always quickly responds to any questions/concerns from students and parents. She is personable and emanates genuine care for her students. My son has taken 3 math classes from Mrs. H – Geometry, Algebra II Review, and Pre-Calculus. All three were excellent classes! You won’t find a better math teacher!

  3. Jenn

    Mrs. Habacivch does an excellent job explaining concepts and also providing personalized feedback to students. The class is very organized. In addition to making sure that students are understanding the material, she is also personable and caring towards her students. This has been my daughter’s favorite year for math. I have also found that Mrs. Habacivch is generous with her time when I have had questions about things such as the best math classes for my daughter to take going forward. I highly recommend this class!

  4. Cynthia

    I absolutely love Mrs. Habacivich’s PreCalc and Stats class. It is extremely organized and Mrs. H is a great teacher who focuses on your questions to make sure you understand math. She responds quickly with feedback too. Her teachings compliment the textbook and cover lots of concepts beyond PreCalc, including practical financial math, stats, and applications of mathematics. I only wish she taught calculus too!

  5. J. Langkamp (verified owner)

    Mrs. Habacivch does an excellent job explaining concepts and also providing personalized feedback to students. The class is very organized. In addition to making sure that students are understanding the material, she is also personable and caring towards her students. This has been my daughter’s favorite year for math. I have also found that Mrs. Habacivch is generous with her time when I have had questions about things such as the best math classes for my daughter to take going forward. I highly recommend this class!

  6. L. W.

    Wow! I’ve never seen my son work so hard AND be so gratified for it. While this course does consume the largest part of his school day, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves math. This course requires much time and energy of him. But he’s getting such a reward! I’m thrilled to see this. Ms. Habacivch is super! My son responds well to her teaching style. She is well-organized and supports my son through the learning.

  7. Jodi Zell

    My son recently graduated from high school and Mrs. Habacivch was his favorite teacher out of all his school years. He had her for Algebra II and Pre-calculus. In hind sight, I wished we had him take more classes from her. She was an answer to prayer in order to get our son ready for college and to enable him to pursue his interests in engineering. She pulled so much more out of Micah than I was ever able to and she challenged him in many ways. He worked very hard in her classes and learned a ton. When he did well on his SAT and received a scholarship to college, he told me that he would have never been able to achieve that without Mrs.’s Habacivch’s help. We highly recommend her and her classes! Thanks, Mrs. Habacivch!

  8. Grace

    Mrs. Habacivch,
    I have recently taken college placement tests and the SAT, and thanks to you, have placed into the classes I needed to take. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I will always remember your teaching!
    Thank you so much!
    Your former Advanced Algebra student, -Grace

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Instructor Bio

Susan Habacivch

Susan Habacivch is the academic advisor for Aim Academy Online, a member of the leadership team, and a STEM teacher.

Susan Habacivch earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Washington University and a BA in French from Regis College. After working for several years in the fibers industry, she began homeschooling her four children in 2003. She has been tutoring and teaching science and mathematics in local coops since 2003 and has been teaching online since 2010.

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