YWI: Personal Narrative Writing: 7th/8th

$99.00 one time payment

Grades: 7th–8th

Live Class: Tues 9 a.m. ET or 3 p.m. ET

Dates (August):  Aug 23–Sept 13

Dates (January):  Jan 10–Jan 31

Price: $99

Instructor:  Sigmund Brouwer

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Course Description

This live 4-week personal narrative writing class provides students with the skills they need to create stories based on personal experiences that matter to them. Working on their stories together with Sigmund will show students how to effectively organize a writing piece, include proper mechanics, with varied word choice, and how to edit and revise. These are skills that will help them improve all other areas of personal and academic writing.

In this course, students are guided through the completion of a project for evaluation and for their portfolios, learning crucial concepts like the importance of audience, voice, and tone in a piece of writing.

Personal Narrative Big Picture Lessons

live class

Close Up Lessons
(recorded, writing)
Looking Good

(recorded, conventions)

Week One motivation and purpose metaphors, hyperbole further vs. farther
tense agreement
Week Two how to choose the best event for narrative similes and reverse sarcasm everyday vs. every day

capitalization of titles

Week Three hook the reader and organize the narrative thread verbs, adverbs I vs me

misuse of adverbs/adjectives

Week Four pull it together for finished piece adjectives it’s vs its


This four-week course is part of the 16-week comprehensive writing course for 7th/8th graders intended to help students develop content and improve writing skills in four areas of writing curriculum:

  • personal narrative writing
  • expository writing
  • persuasive writing
  • creative writing

The key to each of the courses is that students are guided through the completion of a project specific to the curriculum and in so doing will learn the foundations to apply to all of their other writing in those areas. They will improve their writing skills as they enjoy completing each project.

Course Structure

Each of the four-week courses has in common nine recorded introductory sessions:

  • three Big Picture lessons about developing content
  • three Close Up lesson about improving writing skills
  • three Looking Good lessons that focus on conventions
  • writing activities to accompany each lesson

The course consists of four weeks of lessons. Each lesson is 30-40 minutes long. (the mini-lessons on grammar and word usage are about 20 minutes.) Each week looks like this:

  • one live virtual interactive Big Picture lesson per week with focus on developing content
  • one recorded Close Up lesson per week with a focus on improving writing skills
  • one recorded Looking Good mini-lesson per week that each introduce students to one word usage concept and one grammar concept
  • writing activities to accompany each lesson

Altogether, the four-week course contains 12 lessons, plus the introductory lessons.

Who should enroll?

Students in seventh or eighth grade who are interested in learning to write from a bestselling author and former struggling student.  No previous writing experience is required.

Technology Required

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and working microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lecture

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will receive a certificate of completion signed by Sigmund at the close of the course. Major assignments receive feedback based on the Six-Traits of Great Writing rubric.


Parents and students are welcome to email the teacher at [email protected] Expect responses within 24-48 hours.

Required Texts

All materials provided by the instructor.


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Instructor Bio

Sigmund Brouwer

SIGMUND BROUWER writes for both children and adults. He is the bestselling author of dozens of titles, with close to 4 million books in print in multiple languages. He has won the Christy Book of the Year and the Arthur Ellis awards, as well as been nominated for two of the prestigious TD Children’s Literature Awards and the Red Maple Award. His Rock and Roll Literacy presentation has reached over a million students across North America. He is also co-founder of the Young Writers Institute with its ‘Story Ninja’ approach to tap into the power of story as the foundational way to engage and motivate students in narrative, expository, and essay writing.

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