Introduction to U.S. Government

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Grades: 9th-12th

Live Class:  Second Semester:  Sec 1: Tues 2:00–3:00 p.m. ET, Sec 2: Fri 11:00–12:00 p.m. ET

Dates:  Jan 4–Apr 29

Price: $329

Instructor: Nate Gilbert

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Course Description

 See reviews of instructor Nate Gilbert


This is a one semester course. Two sections will be offered second semester, Tuesday 2–3 p.m. ET and Friday 11–12 p.m. ET.

Why should a high school student study US government? First, everyone in The United States will be thrust into the position of voter at the age of 18. Second, the growth of our national government has meant that the federal government reaches into more and more of our everyday decisions. Third, there are a variety of issues emanating from Washington, DC and the state capitals every day. In order to not be swayed by every passing fad, it is crucial that students understand why our political institutions exist. Lastly, an educated citizenry is necessary to carry on good public discourse and maintain our republic.

The course objective is to introduce students to the principles behind the United States’ government and political institutions and to enable students to interact with various viewpoints. Students will understand the historical development of our current political situation, analyze the political process, and describe how various political groups function today. The goal is for students to become familiar with public policies, our Constitutional underpinnings, and political behavior in our society. Each student should then be able to appropriately apply their understanding to evaluate how just and appropriate various political actions are. The course will include engaging group discussions in the weekly live session.

Some weekly course concepts include:

  • What is legitimate government and how did the Founders envision it?
  • What different types of federalism have been debated and utilized in American government?
  • The three branches of national government (their functions, original design, and current practices)
  • Political parties and their role in American government
  • How does policy making occur?
  • What is the role of the bureaucracy?
  • The Constitution and the limits it places on government activities
  • How does the media shape perceptions?
  • America’s role in the world (past and present)

Course Structure

Students will have weekly homework assignments, which will reinforce and expand upon the classroom discussions. Regular assignments may include watching a video online, reading an article, or completing worksheets. There is an estimated 3-4 hours of work per week outside of the live class. Every class is recorded and I post the recording for viewing after each class. Therefore, students can catch up if they happen to miss the live session.

This course serves as a prerequisite for my AP US Government and Politics course.

Who should enroll?

This course is for students in grades 9-12 and is designed to fulfill the typical requirements of a high school government course.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Web cam, sound card, and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

Students will receive comments and individualized feedback on their assignments via Canvas. Work will be graded, and student questions will be addressed in a timely manner.


Parents do not need to contact me before registering for this class. I will confirm registration with parents and provide a welcome email to students. All parents should join Canvas as observers, and I will respond to all parental questions.

Required Texts


No text is necessary. All materials will be provided by the teacher.

18 reviews for Introduction to U.S. Government

  1. Sarah R

    Intro to US Government is an excellent class for any student looking to gain a fundamental understanding of the inner workings, principles, and structure of our government. The live lectures were informative and topics covered in class were reinforced and explored in deeper ways through the weekly assignments. The assignments encourage students to think critically and to synthesize the material that they read, further reinforcing information learned. Mr. Gilbert was an engaging lecturer, and his genuine enjoyment of the subject was clear in his teaching. He encouraged open discussions in the class between students, and created an open and fair environment where students felt comfortable to ask questions or exchange ideas. Having finished this class, I now have a strong foundation of knowledge about our government which I did not have before.

  2. Ryan J.

    Intro to Economics and U.S. Government was an overall great set of classes. Assigned homework had just the right amount of challenge and critical thinking involved. The live lectures were presented in an informative way and the in-class discussions helped reinforce my understanding of the course material. These classes helped change my view on how the economy and government work.

  3. Summer

    This was a beneficial and informative class. Mr. Gilbert covered modern topics and explained them very well in his weekly lectures. It was an excellent class to take when you want to learn more about the U.S. government!

  4. EmmaGrace Porter

    This was a great class! It covered a lot of useful information. The work load was not too bad and all the lectures were super helpful/informative. Mr Gilbert always responds to emails super quick and answered all my questions. I would definetely recommend!

  5. Sam Thompson

    I was really impressed by this class and by Mr. Gilbert. I feel like government can easily become boring and repetitive but the material we covered was always interesting and enjoyable. Mr. Gilbert’s teaching style is very interactive which I found helped me learn faster and he always seemed to be an expert on any question we asked him. This class wasn’t easy but it was extremely rewarding, I would even go as far as to say it was fun!

  6. Josh Blair

    This class was a little challenging at times, but it was also a very fun class for me. Seeing new people and having a class with them was really Great, it always put a smile on my face. Even though this class was difficult for me I still learned a lot, and Mr. Gilbert was able to explain it in a way that made since. Overall I really enjoyed this class and would highly recommend it.

  7. Luca Crampe

    Government has never been my strong suit or an interesting subject to me but Mr. Gilbert made it very interesting. A lot of the concepts were hard to grasp for me but he broke them down into well structured, informative sections that made the subject a whole lot easier. Overall would highly recommend this class.

  8. Gillian Pieper

    It is a great course that is very beneficial to the student. The assignments are influential to the students understanding of the government, and the classes are full of helpful information. Nate Gilbert is and amazing teacher who is easy to communicate with, and breaks down the basics of U.S government. It is a great course for students of all levels, challenging perspective and influencing our decisions.

  9. Cheyenne

    This class was very challenging but it was also a very fun class for me. Seeing new people and having a class with them was really awesome. Even though this class was hard for me I still learned a lot most of the stuff you taught me was stuff I probably have not heard about. Overall thank you for teaching me and taking your time to teach this class I really enjoyed it.

  10. Skylar Combs

    This course was a fantastic introduction to government. The course content was interesting and Mr. Gilbert provided engaging live classes that allow for the student to be part of the discussion and develop his or her own thoughts and opinions. As someone who will be able to vote for the first time in the next election, I feel well prepared and knowledgeable after taking this course!

  11. Eddie Kasper

    Mr. Gilbert was an excellent teacher and even better at breaking down ideas. I learned so much overall and greatly enjoyed the class discussions. If you are debating wether to take this class or not, I would say don’t think twice and just do it!

  12. Jessy Roberts

    I have really enjoyed this class. The teacher always makes or breaks the learning experience and you have made government and economics my favorite subjects. You are an amazing teacher and I was glad to be under your guidance.  

  13. J.E.

    Your class was one of my daughter’s favorites. She found it very interesting and loved your teaching style. She will be graduating so she won’t be able to take Econ with you. We definitely would have taken it with you had we found you sooner.

  14. Tammie Martin (verified owner)

    My son took two of Mr. Gilbert’s classes —Intro to Government and Intro to Economics. He was challenged and grew as a student and thinker in both classes. The format and layout of these classes is excellent —students are required to do assignments that demonstrate mastery and application of the material taught. Mr. Gilbert also grades homework quickly, gives great feedback, and positively engages the students in class discussions. 5 stars!!

  15. Tracy J. (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the material and content of the course. It was not busy work, but a carefully designed and well thought out curriculum. My middle school daughter was a bit overwhelmed at the start of the class. But, Mr Gilbert was very patient and fair. By the end of the class, my daughter had gained confidence and started to excel. I would definitely recommend this course and others taught by Mr Gilbert.

  16. A.J.

    Mr. Gilbert is an enjoyable teacher to take classes with. He is calm, relaxed, and knowledgeable. He covers a good amount of content, and he asks lots of questions to keep the students involved and thoughtfully interacting with what they’re learning.

  17. Jocelyn

    I was very impressed with Mr. Gilbert! My 12 year old dd wrote a review “I really like this teacher because, he is very thorough and makes sure that you know the subject before you move on. He is very nice, and he explains the topic simply so you understand. He taught me this class even though I was the only one there. He is a good teacher and I believe that I will be taking some future classes with him.” If he offers more classes She will definitely attend!

  18. Jon Adler

    Mr. Gilbert was one my favorite high school teachers. He had a great knowledge and love for what he taught. He challenged me to see and understand the larger picture beyond just memorizing facts.

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Instructor Bio

Nate Gilbert

Nate Gilbert graduated from Cedarville University in 2002 with a B.A. degree in secondary social studies education. Since then he has taught and tutored many students, primarily in the subjects of history, government, and economics. Nate has worked in a variety of settings, such as teaching in Beijing, China, and at some local schools. He now focuses on utilizing his passion for social studies to teach online classes that stimulate his students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of society.

Mr. Gilbert also assists his wife in homeschooling their children. His hobbies include reading philosophy books, playing with his children, and outside activities. As a family, the Gilberts are involved in their local community and church fellowship.


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