Introduction to Research Writing

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Grades: 9th–10th (others by instructor approval first)

Live Class: Mon 3:00–4:00 p.m. ET

Dates:  Fall 2: Oct 11–Dec 3
Winter: Jan 3–Feb 18

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Instructor: Dr. Lauren Bailes

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Dr. Lauren P. Bailes


Learn to write a research paper in this seven-week live mini-course. Research writing is an essential skill for college-bound students. They will use this skill throughout their academic career, including other high school classes.

My approach with students for Introduction to Research Writing begins this way:

Think about a problem you’d like to solve: maybe you care about the environment, treatment of animals, school lunches, or dangerous traffic patterns in your hometown. Got it? That’s all you need to be a research writer. We do the rest together: name the problem, research the best solutions, and convince readers to agree with you.

I’ll walk students through the various argument types, proper use of sources, and revisions that maximize the power of voice. This seven-week course addresses all aspects of the writing process as it pertains to research writing: collection, selection, drafting, revising, editing, and presenting.

As a college professor, I see a major need for instruction in high-quality technical and research writing. So, I decided to teach this class to help prepare high school students to write a strong research paper well before they get to college. That means I teach them how to select a problem or issue, make a claim about the nature of that problem, and research appropriate solutions. I want students to care about the topics they research. Research writing gets a bad reputation for being impersonal, but I think it’s the perfect place to grow your passions.

The research paper sometimes seems intimidating, but I break down all the steps so that even novice writers can successfully complete a research paper and an attractive, informative research poster in just seven weeks. I have worked with students of all writing levels, and so I’ve developed the tools that best meet the needs of every student. I use templates, outlines, and a lot of personalized feedback to help your student complete this project.

Research papers are typically required in high school and university courses and are often represented in numerous content areas. This is a great place to get a jump start on the skills needed to be successful in more advanced writing classes. Students can choose to write on topics of personal interest or use the paper in this course to meet requirements of other courses.

Each student will receive one round of individualized feedback prior to submitting a final paper as well as a grade and feedback on the final product. They will also practice presenting and discussing research in a digital academic conference on the last day of class.

Course Structure

Each week includes both reading and writing assignments designed to scaffold students toward a successful research project. We meet for live, one-hour classes each Monday, although students are welcome to view the recordings if they cannot attend synchronously. Steps on the scaffold include idea generation, choosing an argument structure, APA and MLA citations, paper and poster drafts for feedback, and final submissions.

Who should enroll?

This class is for advanced 8th graders and anyone in high school who wants to learn more about writing research.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

I believe in ample, individualized feedback so that each student can successfully engage with the research process in a way that is exciting and intellectually satisfying. Research is, at its heart, about advocacy (selecting a question or problem important to the writer) and activism (suggesting a course of action that answers the question or solves the problem).

Rubrics are available for each assignment; they address the major components of quality nonfiction writing and the specifics associated with quality research writing. Students will receive feedback via Canvas, and each student will have at least one session of one-on-one feedback time in advance of the final submission.


Parental support is essential to success in this class, and I welcome any questions parents have throughout the class. Parents and families are welcome to contact me before registering at [email protected]. New registrants will receive a welcome email with additional startup information.

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Required Texts


All texts provided by instructor via Canvas. Student must be able to open, read, and annotate PDFs and documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf).

36 reviews for Introduction to Research Writing

  1. Milena Garcia (verified owner)

    What a great class. My daughter gained understanding on how to do a research paper and with all the classes listed on Aim Academy, this class did what it was supposed to do. My daughter also enjoyed the teacher. She was clear, helpful, kind and well versed in what she was teaching. We will be taking the class again before the years up to really put the foundation of research writing down in her tool belt. One pointer would be to have your student have a topic to research before attending the class (not crucial), as this will or could help with the thought process durning the first couple classes.

  2. Ethan Quinn

    Great class! I enjoyed the class quite a lot and it helped me out quite a bit . It was extremely well taught and although it was quick paced it didnt feel like too heavy of a load. Mrs. Bailes was an amazing teacher and I am glad I found this class.

  3. Nayeli Guerra

    I enjoyed this class… it was quick and but thorough. I liked how Dr. Bailes set us up. We had all the tools we needed for when we actually wrote the paper, which made it easier. One thing I would say, especially since this is such a short course, is to have the student come already having a topic of choice and resources. For me, I didn’t have any recourses and then when I needed them, I had to go to the library and had to wait for some to come which took longer than expected. But other than that I enjoyed it, thank you!

  4. Anne

    It was very fast paced, but I learned a lot.

  5. Rachel M,

    Though the class was short, Dr. Bailes was a great teacher and packed a lot of important information in the seven-week class. She provided constructive criticism, colorful lectures, and more to make a great class. I learned a lot in this class and would recommend it to anyone!

  6. Nathan V

    This wasn’t my favorite class in the world, but it helped me to learn how to cite sources properly. Dr. Bailes was kind enough to let me have extra time to submit my final assignments.

  7. Niki (verified owner)

    I found this class challenging yet very beneficial. I’ve never had experience writing research papers up to this point, and this class was a great introductory to it.

  8. Joshua M

    This class very helpful and very fun Dr. Bailes is a really great teacher she always has great PowerPoint slides that are very helpful and good constructive feedback.

  9. James R

    I thought this was a very good class. However, I did struggle with it quite a bit. The class is very fast-paced, which might catch students of Aim Academy classes with lighter amounts of homework off guard. It’s also helpful to have a good idea of how to write an essay, as the instruction is based more on the “Research” side of things than the “Writing.” Also, it’s VERY important to note that the draft is graded on the same rubric as the final paper. The low grade in that assignment surprised me when I first saw it. Overall, an excellent class for experienced writers looking to improve their skills.

  10. isobelle.b (verified owner)

    Great class!

  11. Hoyoun

    This course was very helpful in guiding me through the research writing process. I would definitely recommend this course to any student who is attempting to write a research paper for their first time.

  12. Mercedes M

    The teacher helped me learn about APA (and MLA) formating. She provided links to helpful websites and answered my questions.

  13. Maximus M

    This was a good class, taught me how to cite and format in MLA and APA. Dr. Bailes is really nice and understanding.

  14. Brett Kasper

    I really enjoyed this class. Dr. Bailes was helpful, and she made the live classes fun. This class really helped my knowledge of research writing.

  15. Jessica Corbett

    I really enjoyed this class! I feel like I really learned writing skills that will be useful for my coming years in college but also in my remaining year in school. Dr. Bailes made sure we understood our assignments for the week and taught the lessons in a way that was easy for a research writing begginer (like myself) to understand.

  16. Nathaniel Brooks

    I really enjoyed the discussion that went on in this class. It was super engaging, and I feel like I was really able to freely express my philosophy, without being shut down if the way I thought about things was slightly different than the norm. No busy work, just meaningful assignments.

  17. Maya Reilly

    I absolutely loved this class, and I learned a lot about research writing! Over the year we learned so much and I think I will be using the skills I learned in this course for years to come. Not only is the curriculum amazing, but Dr. Bailes is the perfect teacher for the class. She gives us incredibly helpful tips and feedback, and she is always willing to answer any question I may have in class or over email. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to improve their research writing skills!

  18. Eddie Kasper

    Great class! Dr. Bailes was extremely helpful and offered easy to understand examples on how to improve not just research writing but writing in general. Highly recommend!

  19. Sonia M.

    Intro to Research Writing is a great course for anyone looking to learn how to write a complete and well-researched paper with credible sources. This is also a great course to prepare you for high school or college. Dr. Bailes covers many different topics, from credible sources to MLA and APA formatting, the wonders of Google Scholar, and gives thoughtful grading and complete feedback with edits. The only thing bad about this course is that’s a bit rushed because it’s only for 7 weeks.

  20. Elise Finch (verified owner)

    Sydney Finch: This class was extraordinarily helpful. I went into it knowing almost nothing about research writing, but Dr. Bailes does a fantastic job of explaining the process and helping her students create their final essay and poster.

  21. Elijah Quinnelly

    Amazing class!! Very constructive feedback!!!

  22. Ryan Koch

    This was a great class and it really helped me to accomplish writing my report. I learned a lot of information from this class. Thanks!

  23. Parent

    Our daughter learned a lot in a short period of time, such as how to break down a large project into manageable pieces, how to solicit critique on a draft, how to create a poster to use to persuasively present her thesis in class. Dr. Bailes was very thorough, responsive, and was very much interested that each student walk away with an understanding of the material that was being taught. She also provided great feedback along the way. Class time was very engaging.

  24. Gillian Pieper

    This was a great class. I would absolutely love to take future classes with Miss Bailes. I felt very well prepared for writing a research paper with this class. I feel like it gave me a great toolbox for writing in the future.

  25. Ethan C

    I gained confidence in writing during this class and found out that research writing could be fun and interesting. I enjoyed the final class when we shared our research topics with our classmates; it was nice to interact and share our work.

  26. Sarah G

    In this class, I gained experience in researching and writing a problem-solution research paper. I also liked the final class in which my fellow students and I were able to share the research that we did. It was a solid class that broadened my research skills.

  27. Rudy S.

    I thoroughly enjoyed taking this research course. Dr. Bailes is an incredible teacher that encourages her students to participate and accelerate towards making a proper and detailed research paper. I appreciated that she allows her students to take their own liberties when choosing topics, which adds to the overall experience of writing. I strongly recommend that any student who wants to improve their research and writing abilities should enroll in this course.

  28. Sarah R.

    I loved this class! Dr. Bailes is a wonderful and engaging professor. She was very accommodating and willing to offer support. This class is perfect for any student looking to explore the world of research writing, and opened my eyes to the many possibilities of research papers. The assignments were challenging yet not confusing, and the live lectures were always interesting and interactive. Overall, I enjoyed this class and would recommend it.

  29. Sateen K.

    Dr. Bailes was very easy to talk to and personable. All of the information that she gave me was very clear to understand. Made Research writing less intimidating. Highly recommend to beginner writer!

  30. Michael Martin

    This class helped me grasp the fundamentals of a well-written research paper. I went into this class not having the best ability of writing, researching, and citing a topic. After accomplishing this class, I have a much deeper understanding of how to create a strong research paper. Thank you Dr. Bailes for helping me build on my valuable writing/research skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my life!

  31. Sarah K

    I loved this class! It was so interactive, Dr. Bailes is amazing and so easy to talk to. I learned a lot form this course, and this is definitely a course I would recommend to a new or experienced writer.

  32. Student

    The timing was perfect when you gave us the one on one class before the final research paper was due. That was great [-] continue to do that.

  33. Parent

    Excellent feedback and great instruction on the structure of the Research Paper. Feedback was constructive and appropriate. I appreciate you allowing them to choose a topic they enjoyed and then when Jacob got off track (started writing a more argumentative paper) you guided him gently back on. Thank you for your quick and concise responses.

  34. Parent

    Exposed my daughter to some different approaches to writing a research paper and gave her the experience of creating a poster.

  35. Parent

    Very thorough, great instruction and individual feedback. It exceeded my expectations.

  36. S. C.

    I enjoyed this class. Dr. Bailes is easy to talk to and really tries to get to know you. She provides good tips, feedback, and powerpoint slides. Taking this class was a good experience for preparing research papers for college, and I learned a lot.

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Instructor Bio

Dr. Lauren Bailes

Lauren was homeschooled K-12. She was an AP Scholar and a National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist, which resulted in an academic scholarship to Eastern University, Templeton Honors College, where she received her BA in English Literature and Secondary Education. Lauren taught Middle School English Language Arts (ELA) in Brooklyn, New York for four years and served as an ELA instructional coach for five years in Columbus, Ohio. She has written English curriculum for grades 5-8. Lauren is an author on Readers in Residence, Volume 1 and also taught Middle School Tools and Pre AP English Language through Aim Academy for four years. She has also received her Master’s degree in Literacy Instruction from Columbia University Teachers College and her PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy from The Ohio State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Delaware.


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