High School Health and Personal Fitness

From: $110.00 / month for 5 months

Grades: 9th–12th

Class:  Tue 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET

Dates (1st Sem):  Aug 21–Dec 15

Dates (2nd Sem):  Jan 8–May 3

Price:  $499

Instructor:  Rebecca Robbins

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Course Description

This live, graded high school health class meets the requirements for a 0.5 credit of high school health and 0.5 credit of PE. If you are only interested in the health course, see High School Health to register.

The guiding topics and principles of this course cover:

  • Core values and personal wellbeing
  • Functional health knowledge to understand, analyze, goal set, and align behaviors t promote positive physical, intellectual, social, and emotional health and mental resilience
  • Physical health: Personal fitness, sleep, basics of nutrition, basic first aid and final project: homemade nutritious meal
  • Intellectual health and mental resilience: Growth vs fixed mindsets, resilience, and executive functions
  • Emotional/Mental health: identifying emotions and signs/symptoms of mental health, understanding, and communicating emotions, stress management, and asking for help
  • Social Health: Communication skills, empathy, perspectives, and conflict resolution

The Personal Fitness Component

  • This option requires an additional 180 minutes per week (3 hour commitment) for the student in the area of active physical fitness.
  • The student will also have some additional reading and quizzes throughout the semester.

Course Structure

This class will include:

  • Weekly schedule running Monday to Monday
  • Live Class and out of class active participation: health journaling, SMART goal setting, self-reflection of successes, obstacles, solutions, and making real time adjustments to health behaviors to meet goals
  • Discussion forums: Discussion forum regarding health assignment topics, behaviors, encouragements, and critical thinking
  • Assignments: Note taking, Read & Do, Watch & Do, Read/Watch & Respond types of activities that promote building a core knowledge of the topics and applying them to a healthy lifestyle or mitigating risks of negative health behaviors
  • Assessments: Quizzes and/or exams to build core knowledge of health topics
  • Project: End of semester project (No final exam) will be planning a nutritious meal meeting My Plate guidelines, shopping, menu planning, recipe recording, nutritional analysis, and independently cooking for family as well as the cleanup. Student, parents, and siblings will have a grading/survey to contribute to the project. Student will submit photos of the process.

Who should enroll?

Students in grades 9–12 may enroll in this course.

Technology Requirements and Required Materials      

  • Reliable PC / laptop
  • High speed internet / web cam / microphone / speaker
  • Scanner and camera – ability to take photos/save/upload
  • Ability to download and save files for viewing, printing, and editing
  • Ability to upload files -accepted pdf format
  • College ruled paper
  • Highlighters, colored pencils, pens
  • Sticky note pads in at least 4 colors
  • Free sign up for Canva Account: https://www.canva.com/
  • Free sign up for Cronometer Account: https://cronometer.com/
  • Free sign up for Quizlet Account: https://quizlet.com/
  • Access to: youtube.com, https://www.ted.com/talks, and varied online resources.

Evaluation and Feedback  

  • All course work is graded.
  • A student’s effort and participation in the class is 20% of their grade.
  • I provide feedback in the form of comments on submitted work and encourage students to ask questions in live classes.
  • Unexcused late work is penalized 1/2 letter grade per day.
  • I prefer for parents to request acceptance of late work or excused class absence.

Communication and Participation

I am always available to answer questions and clarify assignments during the live class. I also respond within 48 business hours to emails sent through Canvas’ messaging system.

Because the live class is highly interactive and dependent on student participation, I appreciate knowing in advance if a student will be absent. Thanks!

I send notifications at the beginning of each unit so parents are aware of topics in advance that may be of a sensitive nature.

Contact: Please contact me with any course questions or accommodation requests prior to registration (rrobbins[at]aimacademy.online). New registrants will receive a welcome email with instructions.

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Instructor Bio

Rebecca Robbins

Rebecca Robbins, has home schooled her children for seven years and provided in- person Home School Cooperative group teaching prior to joining Aim Academy. She pursued her love of science, completing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Master of Physical Therapy. She continues to practice physical therapy and offer Aim Academy courses.

Her courses focus on developing lifelong learning skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and sparking curiosity and discovery in the area of science. Integrity and a growth mindset for lifelong learning are foundational values for Rebecca. She seeks to empower students with the academic learning skills for high school and college as well as health and wellness.

In her spare time, you would find Rebecca enjoying her family and dog, being active with friends, enjoying a variety of fitness activities, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, gardening, cooking, and advancing her professional education.

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Email: rrobbins[at]aimacademy.online

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