Environmental Science

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Grades: 9th–10th

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Dates: August 25–Apr 29

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Instructor: Kristen Lauria

See Reviews of Instructor Kristen Lauria


Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Kristen Lauria

This live online environmental science class teaches students not only about earth science, but also about the human impact on our earth. I specifically plan projects so students get an opportunity to reach out to members of their community who can teach the student and make connections that will hopefully continue even after the class ends as the student continues to find ways to participate in their community.

Environmental science is the combination of science, social sciences, and the humanities. In this course students will study the tools of environmental science, ecology, populations, water, air, and land systems and resources, mineral and energy resources, human health, and the future of the human population on earth. We will also discuss current events as they happen and students will have the opportunity to learn soft-skills like research, planning a project, interviewing experts in their fields, and presenting their findings.

Course Structure

Students will work through a chapter each week, with questions to guide their study in each section and a quiz and lab to gauge comprehension. Three to five chapters will comprise a unit and will culminate in a project that applies what students have learned in the unit. We will meet live weekly for 1 hour to discuss that week’s topics and any questions the students have. Students will interact with their classmates with weekly discussions and collaboration on various assignments. Most students spend 3-5 hours per week working on class material.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

I believe homework and projects are the best tool for students to practice the skills they are learning and grade homework/provide feedback so they learn as they continue working toward mastery. Assignments are generally graded within 5 days of submission. Grades are based on a combination of homework, quizzes, labs, and exams/projects. Students are also given a participation grade to account for timeliness of completing assignments, class participation, and effort. Communication will take place as needed through email and announcements and responses to student messages are generally within a few hours.


Once registered, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours. Throughout the course parents will only be contacted if issues arise, as I try to encourage students to take ownership of the class and contact me directly if they have any concerns. At midterm and close of the course progress reports will be sent to parents. Parents are always welcome to contact me with any issues or concerns, as they are partners in this endeavor.

Course Syllabus

Required Texts

Required Texts:

  • Environmental Science 2013 ed. (Holt McDougal) ISBN: 9780547904016

Note: An interactive version of this book is available through iBooks and may be purchased instead of the physical book if that is preferred.

A lab equipment list will be sent after enrollment.

3 reviews for Environmental Science

  1. Debra

    I highly recommend Kristen Lauria’s environmental science class for interested students. This course is extremely thorough. The labs are interesting and further enhance a student’s knowledge of environmental science. Nature walks are incorporated into the labs so students are able to connect with their environment and learn about the many issues affecting our environment today. A student who enjoys engaging with nature while learning about the environment will really enjoy this class.

  2. Emily Crawford

    Mrs. Lauria is an excellent teacher. My daughter, a Senior in high school, has gained a rich understanding of environmental issues from a balanced perspective. This well-designed class has engaging discussions, purposeful assignments, thought-provoking projects, and stimulating labs. In addition, homeschooling high school science can be challenging, and Mrs. Lauria understands this. She listens well to her students’ needs and works hard to help them. As a parent, I have been grateful for a solid presentation of the material and her quick response to all my questions. For these reasons, I would highly recommend her class.

  3. Parent

    Mrs. Lauria is very knowledgeable in Environmental Science topics. My son looked forward to her class every week. He had since developed an acute sense of awareness in environmental issues and constantly shared his newfound knowledge about biomes, water cycles, tectonic planes, biodiversities, invasive species and the like with us. He even did a science project and presentation on eutrophication at the district’s school on two occasions!

  4. Jann (verified owner)

    Ms. Lauria is a fantastic teacher who never fails to motivate and pique the curiosity of her students. Her class is very engaging with the right amount of assignments and lab work. My son highly recommends this course to anyone who would like to broaden their experience and knowledge in environmental science.

  5. Rebecca Klabunde (verified owner)

    My son very much enjoys this new class! Mrs. Lauria is prompt in all communication, organized in her assignments, and makes her students feel comfortable in class discussion – making her a great teacher. We both highly recommend this course!

  6. Hollyn Martin (verified owner)

    We were so excited about the addition of this class for my high school son. He has been very engaged in the material and finds it to be very relevant for life and for his educational goals. It has challenged him and I have seen wonderful growth since it began in the Fall.

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Instructor Bio

Kristen Lauria

Kristen Lauria is a lifelong student who has become the teacher.  In second grade she was found stealing teacher’s editions from her public-school classroom to teach her younger best friend at home. She’s since progressed to buying her materials legally, but her love of teaching hasn’t wavered.  She spent 4 years in the Navy learning about nuclear reactors and went on to finish her BS in Physics with a minor in Math graduating Cum Laude.  She also was inducted into the physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, having attained a GPA in Physics of over 3.0.  She has her MS in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum from Drexel University and is certified to teach physics and chemistry in the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition to teaching for Aim Academy, she also homeschools her own 2 children in middle school, counsels her adult stepchildren in what adulting really means, and helps her husband with restoring their 200-year-old farmhouse one slow-moving project at a time.  She also runs her own tutoring company and teaches at her local homeschool co-op.  In her free time (which is rather scarce at the moment) she loves to read and spend time outside enjoying God’s creation.  The teacher is now becoming the student as well, as Kristen is beginning a PhD program at Lehigh University to further hone her teaching skills and improve the integration of technology to bring the material alive for her students.

She hopes to share her love of math and science with all of her students here at Aim Academy.  While she can’t change the difficulty of what students learn in her classes, she will do her best to make them approachable and interesting.  She hopes to show her students how everything they will encounter in their textbooks will apply to their own lives; not just in the future, but today.

Email: knlauria@aimacademy.online

All classes taught by Kristen Lauria