English Foundations 3

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Grades: 8th–9th

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Dates: Aug 25–Apr 29

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Instructor: Bev Graybill

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Course Description


English Foundations 3 is a comprehensive English class for advanced 8th graders covering composition, literature, grammar, and vocabulary. This class is designed for upper middle school students who have already shown strong English abilities, particularly in writing and grammar. Ninth graders that need additional reinforcement before high school level English classes are also welcome.

Course Objectives are as follows:

  • Write multi-paragraph essays for the four types of writing (descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive) using teacher and peer review to improve each composition.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of English grammar including: punctuation, mechanics, spelling, sentence structure, and parts of speech.
  • Review the basic elements of literature.
  • Identify techniques of literature such as irony, symbolism, and figures of speech including allusion, idioms, synecdoche, and understatement.
  • Be introduced to ancient writings including the Iliad and the Odyssey, Beowulf, and the legend of King Arthur and his knights.
  • Identify the sounds and techniques used in poetry and study famous American and British poets.
  • Learn new vocabulary words in context through the novels read together and a vocabulary workbook.

Course Structure

The live class will take place on Wednesdays at 2:00 pm (EST), and further instruction and assignments will be designated through the Canvas website. Class activities include students reading mini-lessons and Reader’s Theater plays.

Class assignments are as follows:

  • Four multi-paragraph essays
  • Creative short story
  • Response paragraphs and an analytical theme based on short stories
  • Literature projects for specific elements
  • Several poems of various types
  • Poetry presentation about a famous poet and poem
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises

Who should enroll?

Advanced 8th graders with strong English skills, and 9th graders who need additional reinforcement before high school level English classes.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Web cam, sound card, and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

  • Essays graded according to a rubric on the effective traits of writing
  • Tests on terms and content related to writing and literature
  • Grammar and vocabulary quizzes

Writing assignments receive much feedback during the grading process using a rubric that lists the effective traits of writing. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are usually graded automatically by Canvas.  Literature requirements include answering comprehension questions. All projects will be graded based on effort.

Course Syllabus

Required Texts


  • Write Source Grade 8 by David Kemper, Patrick Sebranek, Verne Meyer; Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers, 2012, ISBN 978-0547-485041
  • Vocabulary Virtuoso: PSAT-SAT Book 1, by Nancy Forderer, Critical Thinking Company, 2018, ISBN 978-1601-449368

Note: Any version of the following novels is fine unless otherwise specified. Parents may decide to purchase the following, or use the local library if the books are available for at least 4 weeks when needed for the class.

  • The Land by Mildred Taylor
  • The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Trenton Lee Stewart
  • Any version of the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer, such as: Black Ships Before Troy and The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff (Laurel Leaf 2005) OR The Trojan War and The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin OR the version by Gillian Cross and Neil Packer.
  • Beowulf  by Michael Morpurgo (Candewick, 2015) OR Beowulf: Dragonslayer by Rosemary Sutcliff (Red Fox Classics 2001 or Heinemann 1961) OR Beowulf: A New Telling by Robert Nye (Laurel Leaf 1968) OR Beowulf: An Updated Verse Translation by Frederick Rebsamen (Harper Perennial Classics 2004)
  • The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle (Make sure it is not an abridged or child’s version, but the original, such as Sterling Classics 2005, Barnes & Noble 2011, Dover Classics 1965, or Scribner 1954. Note: If the book is less than 200 pages, it is probably not correct.) OR King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green (Puffin Classics 2008) OR The Sword and the Circle by Rosemary Sutcliff (also part of The King Arthur Trilogy)

Students should also have access to an age-appropriate dictionary and thesaurus. At their parents’ discretion, they may use online sites such as dictionary.com and thesaurus.com.

2 reviews for English Foundations 3

  1. Sarah P (verified owner)

    My son is finishing up EF 1 with Mrs. Graybill. I have been very pleased with the class. Mrs. Graybill’s syllabus balances all the main ingredients for a rich, comprehensive English class: vocabulary, grammar, literature, and writing. She provides many chances for extra credit and detailed expectations for each assignment. She is very accessible and I appreciate that she herself was a homeschooling mom. For a 14 year old boy to want to take her again is proof indeed of her skill with middle schoolers. Highly recommended!

  2. Melissa A

    Excellent class! A thorough, all encompassing English class–Mrs. Graybill does a great job with managing all the different aspects of English that an upcoming high schooler needs to know. My daughter enjoyed class each week–Mrs. Graybill is engaging and encouraging, the assignments were well laid out and expectations were clear. She caught up on much needed grammar skills, got great feedback and instruction on writing, and enjoyed the literature that was used in the class. This was our first Aim Academy class–I was very impressed with the content, and especially the quality of teacher in “Mrs. G”!

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Instructor Bio

Bev Graybill

I attended Millersville University, earning a B.S. in Special Education, a M.S. in Elementary Education, and a Reading Certificate. After teaching for several years in both public and private schools, I left the world of teaching to start my own family, discovering the amazing world of home schooling! I serve as a home school evaluator in Pennsylvania and have spent more than 20 years teaching at several home school co-ops and successfully graduating all four of my children. Currently, I also teach different grades in a small private school. I love teaching middle school students that writing, literature, and even grammar can be fun.


English Foundations 3
Ancient and Medieval History Through Literature
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