AP U.S. History

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Grades: 10th–12th

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Dates: August 22–Apr 28

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Instructor: Lisa Hawkins 

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Course Description

This course will cover the development of American history from its pre-colonial roots through recent developments. It will prepare students to take the AP US History exam in May. However, my goals for this course are more comprehensive than getting students ready to take the formal exam. I also hope to inspire and increase students’ love and appreciation for history, expand students’ capacity to think creatively and flexibly about critical issues, and communicate powerfully and compellingly.

Course Structure

Live class sessions will be a combination of instruction on historical content and skills during some weeks, as well as office hours for students who request time on the other weeks.   Instruction will be scheduled, on average, 3 times per month.

Students will read primary and secondary source material, watch videos, listen to audio, and participate in discussions. They will have access to my college-level audio-visual presentations, which include both improving thinking, reading, and writing skills and covering the content of American history from origins into the 20th century. In addition, each student will learn to approach the various components of the AP exam. I offer prompt feedback to the students’ various assignments throughout the course.

Who should enroll?

Students should be in at least 10th grade. They should also have already had experience analyzing documents, whether those documents are historical or literary. Please note that students who have only worked on “research papers” really have not practiced the skills that will set them up for success in this course. Given the demanding work load, only hard-working students should apply for this course.

An application is required, including responding to a brief historical analysis assignment and the submission of a writing sample that shows the ability to make an extended argument that relies on evidence. (An English paper on a piece of literature often serves this purpose well.)

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

Students receive weekly feedback on writing assignments. Although this is not a course that focuses on improving composition, students receive ample instruction and feedback on the quality of their communication of historical thought and use of evidence. They are guided on the proper practices of creating a contextualization for the historical topic they need to address, the construction of proper thesis statements, and the use of ample historical evidence to effectively support an extended argument. Parents can access the Canvas website at any time to view student progress and for any communication with the teacher.


A student must apply for this course before enrolling. Once enrolled, accounts are created for both student and parent(s) in the online Canvas course. All communication goes through the Canvas learning management system.

Course Application

Required Texts


  • America: A Narrative History, 9th edition. Do NOT get any other numbered edition. Do NOT get the “brief” edition.  Paperback or hardcover is fine.  A combined volume 1 and volume 2 is also fine, or you can get separate copies of both volume 1 and volume 2.
  • (AMSCO) United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination (2018 Exam) – Student Edition Softcover ISBN 978-1531113278. Do NOT get an earlier version. The 2020 version will work, too. This book can be ordered directly from the publisher. It is also available at Amazon.

1 review for AP U.S. History

  1. Spencer J. (former AP student)

    I had Mrs. Hawkins for an online AP US History class. I hoped to learn a lot about the history of America, and Mrs. Hawkins did not disappoint. I felt completely confident when I went to take the AP exam, thanks to her instruction. The class was a lot of work, more than I ever thought that I could do. I gained new confidence with each assignment I completed and, by the end, the assignments that were so daunting in the beginning became effortless. While I could tell that others taking the AP test around me were frightened by the essay section, I actually looked forward to it. Mrs. Hawkins assignments, and excellent feedback, allowed me to be unperturbed by a task that most students equated with torture. Mrs. Hawkins didn’t just prepare her students for the AP test; she also refined student’s skills in areas other than history. I could feel that my writing improved over the duration of the course, and I could complete assignments from other classes much more easily and successfully. Mrs. Hawkins is very knowledgeable about history, and can effectively teach the material to students in a way that builds their skills, knowledge, and confidence. In my opinion, that is what makes a great teacher. I highly recommend both Mrs. Hawkins and her AP US History course.

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Instructor Bio

Lisa Hawkins

I love history, I love teaching, and I love students. I put a great deal of thought and time into constructing courses that are engaging, challenging, and well-organized. I also care a great deal about humanizing the on-line experience, and you will see that priority woven into many aspects of my course. I majored in history at Swarthmore College, where I also earned my high-school teaching certification. I also did graduate work at Widener University with a focus on English and education. I worked for four years at an inner-city classical high school, where I taught American History and American Literature and served as Dean of Students. In 1997, I earned my Masters in History at Temple University, and soon began teaching college courses for Drexel University and Peirce College for adults returning to school. In 2005, I began teaching online, and to date have independently created nine different online college courses, ranging from survey American History courses, to the History of American Business, Colonial History, Revolutionary History, and Western Humanities surveys. I have been awarded “Outstanding Adjunct Faculty” by one of the universities I currently teach for. I am also an official grader of AP US History exams, receiving extensive training in the process and participating in College Board and ETS seminars. Despite all my experiences at the high school and college level, and despite my appreciation for the more profound academic and cultural expressions, I am nevertheless a shameless fan of English Premier League soccer, The Simpsons, Napoleon Dynamite, and MST3K.

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