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Dates: August 25–April 29

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Instructor: Nate Gilbert

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Course Description

 See reviews of instructor Nate Gilbert


This live online AP U.S. Government and Politics class can be used to fulfill both high school and college credit! The course involves an examination of the principles behind the United States’ government and political institutions, an introduction to political behaviors and collective action, and a study of key concepts in the American political tradition. We will delve into the historical development of our current political situation. The goal is for students to become familiar with public policies, our Constitutional underpinnings, and political behavior in our society. Some important topics include federalism, civil rights, the branches of government, public opinion, policy development, political parties, and the role of the news media.

The AP course centers around five major themes, which are quoted below from the course framework:

1. Constitutionalism- The U.S. Constitution establishes a system of checks and balances among branches of government and allocates power between federal and state governments. This system is based on the rule of law and the balance between majority rule and minority rights.

2. Liberty and Order- Governmental laws and policies balancing order and liberty are based on the U.S. Constitution and have been interpreted differently over time.

3. Civic Participation in a Representative Democracy- Popular sovereignty, individualism, and republicanism are important considerations of U.S. laws and policy making and assume citizens will engage and participate.

4. Competing Policy-Making Interests- Multiple actors and institutions interact to produce and implement possible policies.

5. Methods of Political Analysis- Using various types of analyses, political scientists measure how U.S. political behavior, attitudes, ideologies, and institutions are shaped by a number of factors over time.

Students will learn to interpret data, analyze the political process from various viewpoints, and describe how various political groups function today. Students will get a chance to design political cartoons, develop a mock campaign, analyze current events and much more. The class will also include frequent discussions to facilitate the exploration of ideas and internalization of the content. The course is designed to be very interactive, with students interacting with each other and the instructor frequently through the learning management system (Canvas) and the weekly live session.

Course Structure

The course will be centered around the concepts presented in the primary textbook. We will meet weekly to review the significant ideas and discuss relevant examples. There will be a weekly quiz and several weekly assignments. Assignments may include activities, research projects, writing short essays, watching videos, or reading portions of various texts. The estimated amount of work per week is 6 hours outside of the live session. All sessions will be recorded and posted for review. Students are not required to attend the live sessions if the time does not work with their schedules. Students should plan on sitting for the AP exam, which falls in early May.

Who should enroll?

This class is only for high school students who are able to commit to serious study for the duration of the course. The class will be rigorous and is designed as such to enable students to effectively engage with the principle of government at an advanced level and perform well on the AP exam. Prerequisites include a general knowledge of US government and a strong vocabulary. If you took my Intro to US Government class prior, that is definitely sufficient! Other students may be requested to demonstrate aptitude prior to acceptance.

Technology Requirements:

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Sound card and microphone (for live sessions)
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures

Evaluation and Feedback

Student questions will be attended to as promptly as possible. I try to respond to e-mails within 24 hours. Assignments are normally graded within a week’s time. Students receive feedback and guidance as a regular part of the course.


Parents should contact me before enrolling their child to make sure the prerequisites have been satisfied. Please indicate your child’s grade level, experience with government, overall academic abilities, and any other major time commitments. Parental communication during the course will also be attended to as promptly as possible.

Interview with Nate Gilbert

Required Texts

American Government: Institutions And Policies, 17th Edition By James Q. Wilson (E-book, PDF, or any variation of this edition is fine). ISBN-10: 0357459768

5 Steps to a 5: AP US Government and Politics, current edition, by Pamela Lamb ISBN-10: 1260123359 (wait until the spring to buy this book)

Additional on-line resources and texts will be provided free of charge.

3 reviews for AP U.S. Government

  1. Josh Rosenblum

    Mr. Gilbert is a fantastic instructor! He is very thorough when explaining information, went out of his way to help me understand course concepts whenever I needed help, and was very good at facilitating class discussions, particularly among students with different points of view. He was incredibly understanding when I needed an extension, but also pushed me at times in order to bring out my best, which I’m very grateful for. Overall, he’s a very laidback teacher which is great for creating a supportive classroom atmosphere. If you’re willing to put a fair bit of work into his class, Mr. Gilbert will give you a wonderful understanding of how our government operates and will prepare you very well for the AP US Government exam. I can’t recommend him more highly!

  2. Rudy

    As a student, this course has given me a foundational understanding of government and taught me the history of both present and past governments of the United States, their differences, and how American governing principles have evolved. The class incorporates events that provide different perspectives of concepts learned throughout the class and makes students integrate their knowledge into their assignments. Overall, this was one of my favorite courses and has benefitted me greatly and informed me of both the basic and complex portions of the U.S. Government and taught me how to become more involved in politics!

  3. Rabbi Daniel Lapin

    This AP U.S. Government course taught by Nate Gilbert has truly enhanced my life. Did I take it? No, I wish I did but I did do the next best thing. I have a close relationship with a g’son who did take this course. The resulting conversations, analyses, and discussions we enjoyed have been a highlight of my year. Mr. Gilbert fueled my g’son’s interest and what is more, his passion thus contributing significantly to his intellectual maturation making him not only a far better informed person but also a better person in many important ways. Astonishingly, my g’son developed a deep connection, not only with the course substance but with the instructor himself. Although I eavesdropped on a few amazing lessons, I still don’t quite grasp the magic of how Mr. Gilbert accomplished this through a computer screen but he did. In my experience, Nate Gilbert is a rare and remarkable teacher and I encouraged my g’son to try and take another course with him. Any course.

  4. Eliyahu Masinter

    Mr. Gilbert is an outstanding person and teacher who challenges his students to learn to their full potential. I really enjoyed all of his classes which are full of fascinating and relevant information along with interesting conversations. I could not recommend this class more to anyone who wants a very thorough understanding on how our government functions and interacts with society. He is truly an amazing teacher and his classes are always the highlight of my week.

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Instructor Bio

Nate Gilbert

Nate Gilbert graduated from Cedarville University in 2002 with a B.A. degree in secondary social studies education. Since then he has taught and tutored many students, primarily in the subjects of history, government, and economics. Nate has worked in a variety of settings, such as teaching in Beijing, China, and at some local schools. He now focuses on utilizing his passion for social studies to teach online classes that stimulate his students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of society.

Mr. Gilbert also assists his wife in homeschooling their children. His hobbies include reading philosophy books, playing with his children, and outside activities. As a family, the Gilberts are involved in their local community and church fellowship.

Email: ngilbert@aimacademy.online

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