Algebra 1 (Self-Paced)

From: $79.00 / month for 8 months

Grades: 8th–9th

Class: Self-paced

Dates: August 24–Apr 29

Price: $549

Instructor: Kristen Lauria

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Course Description

See Reviews of Instructor Kristen Lauria


This self-paced Algebra 1 online class is a foundational course for high school mathematics.

Does your student struggle in math because they can’t understand where they’ll use the skills they are gaining? Or maybe they excel, but also want to know how they’ll use what they are learning in the real-world. This class is perfect for both types of students as it teaches math in a way that lets them see not only how to do the mathematical calculations, but how to apply them to everyday situations. The UCSMP math program has a unique method that allows students to apply what they are learning in Algebra for each new lesson, while also practicing those skills from previous lessons to be sure they’ve mastered them.

All the math classes at Aim Academy utilize this same program so students can be sure to get a cohesive learning path that will be sure to cover all the topics in high school math by the time they finish high school.

Course Structure

The format of this self-paced class is a flipped classroom. This means that students will work on several sections on their own using instructional videos made by the teacher and completing both online and written work to get practice. The class is identical in content and similar to format as the live class, but without the required pacing of the live class. A pacing guide will be offered for students to follow that will allow for completion in 17 weeks (1 semester) and 34 weeks (full year). This will allow students to start at any point in the year and move at the pace that suits them, skimming over work they understand and spending more time on topics they find more difficult.

Who should enroll?

As this class is self-paced, it is ideal for students who work well by setting their own deadlines and maintaining progress, are able to ask for help when needed, and learn best without the need for interaction with classmates. This can be a great solution for students who need to recover an Algebra 1 credit, want to move at a slower or faster pace than a typical Algebra class, or just prefer to learn on their own.

Incoming students should have a good understanding of arithmetic operations, fractions, decimals, and percents.

Technology Requirements

  • High speed, broadband Internet
  • Streaming video capabilities to watch recorded lectures
  • Scanner or smart phone for submitting tests and homework in pdf form

Evaluation and Feedback

I believe homework is the best tool for students to practice the skills they are learning. It allows them to assess their understanding of the material as they continue to work toward mastery. Homework will be submitted on occasion, but assessment will be done mostly through quizzes, chapter tests, occasional chapter projects, and two cumulative multiple-choice exams. Assignments will be returned within a few days, and grades are continuously updated and available in Canvas.


Once registered, families will receive a welcome email within 24 hours. Throughout the course parents will only be contacted if issues arise, as I try to encourage students to take ownership of the class and contact me directly if they have any concerns. At midterm and close of the course progress reports will be sent to parents. Parents are always welcome to contact me with any issues or concerns, as they are partners in this endeavor.

Required Texts


The University School of Chicago School Mathematics Project texts are used in all of Aim Academy’s math classes. The design is colorful and engaging and the text is student-friendly. Technology is also incorporated so students learn to be proficient with scientific and graphing calculators. If you have additional questions about the text, please reach out to the instructor directly.


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Instructor Bio

Kristen Lauria

Kristen Lauria is a lifelong student who has become the teacher.  In second grade she was found stealing teacher’s editions from her public-school classroom to teach her younger best friend at home. She’s since progressed to buying her materials legally, but her love of teaching hasn’t wavered.  She spent 4 years in the Navy learning about nuclear reactors and went on to finish her BS in Physics with a minor in Math graduating Cum Laude.  She also was inducted into the physics honor society, Sigma Pi Sigma, having attained a GPA in Physics of over 3.0.  She has her MS in Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum from Drexel University and is certified to teach physics and chemistry in the state of Pennsylvania.

In addition to teaching for Aim Academy, she also homeschools her own 2 children in middle school, counsels her adult stepchildren in what adulting really means, and helps her husband with restoring their 200-year-old farmhouse one slow-moving project at a time.  She also runs her own tutoring company and teaches at her local homeschool co-op.  In her free time (which is rather scarce at the moment) she loves to read and spend time outside enjoying God’s creation.  The teacher is now becoming the student as well, as Kristen is beginning a PhD program at Lehigh University to further hone her teaching skills and improve the integration of technology to bring the material alive for her students.

She hopes to share her love of math and science with all of her students here at Aim Academy.  While she can’t change the difficulty of what students learn in her classes, she will do her best to make them approachable and interesting.  She hopes to show her students how everything they will encounter in their textbooks will apply to their own lives; not just in the future, but today.


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