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Meet the Teachers: Vicki Dincher

Vicki is Aim Academy’s science teacher. In this video she introduces her classes and describes several projects. Here is a video of the balloon popper project. Here is a video of the egg drop lab produced by one of Vicki’s students. You can find additional videos from Vicki on her teacher page.

Meet the Teachers: Lili Serbicki

In this video you’ll find out more about our AP Language and AP Literature teacher. Lili Serbicki also teaches creative writing and several summer courses. Lili also has several videos explaining her specific classes. To view those go to her teacher page.

8 Reasons Kids Learn Best at Home

After I finished home schooling our children, I headed back to school myself to complete a PhD in educational psychology. I wanted to know how children learn best. Wouldn’t that be helpful information for homeschooling moms and dads? I can sum up what I found in one sentence: If we built a school based on the research about Read More…