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How to Evaluate What Your Kids Write

The world needs to hear what your kids have to say that is uniquely theirs to share. Here’s how to help them. Meet the Six Traits of Great Writing. I can still remember my confusion as I stared down my first pile of student essays. Now what do I do? How do I decide who Read More…

5 Ways Advanced Placement (AP) Exams Can Cut College Costs

The Advanced Placement (AP) program, offered by the College Board, allows ambitious high school students to take college-level exams each May that potentially qualify them for college credit at the college of their choice. Each college lists the AP exams and credit they will award for a passing score on their website. Just search for “AP credit” Read More…

Aim Science: Air Pressure Experiments

Watch the video below to see two great air pressure experiments. There is also a handout so you can replicate the experiments at home. AimScience-AirPressure-Handout Dr. Karen Joseph teaches The Wonders of Water, Sensational Senses, and Zoology for Aim Academy. She loves sharing her knowledge and love of science with students of all ages.