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Government and Economics

Nate Gilbert joins our staff this year to teach economics and government. He is offering them as two separate, semester-long courses. Why study economics? What can parents expect in each course?   You can register for the economics and government courses separately or together for a discount.

New This Summer: Grammar Mini-Courses

Grammar in the summer? Yes! In this video Bev explains why it should be a priority this summer. The courses are designed to give a clear overview of grammar in a fun and engaging way. Bev is committed to making it both an educational and enjoyable experiences. Students will benefit from this focused instruction. If your Read More…

Friday’s French Freebie

AIM Academy’s French teacher Sally Barstow created this wonderful French chatter box to share with everyone. Sally teaches French 1, French 2, and French 3. She is also currently running a seven week long Intro to French course that she plans to offer next spring. Download here: Food chatterbox_ fortune teller

Q & A with the Science Faculty

What is the recommended progression of science classes for high school students? How can labs be effectively taught at home? Any recommendations for getting kids interested in science? What are some suggestions for helping the struggling science student? Susan Habacivch teaches Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Math for Sciences, and Chemistry. Kristen Lauria teaches Pre-AP Read More…

Free Resource: Defining and Reducing Test Anxiety

I’m thrilled about today’s resource! I’ve seen many, many of my math students struggle with test anxiety. It is so frustrating to know the material but still perform poorly because of anxiety. Bonnie Gonzalez teaches our Intro to Psychology and AP Psychology courses. She is also a trained counselor and she put her expertise to Read More…