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Rebecca Robbins

Rebecca Robbins, has home schooled her children for seven years and provided in- person Home School Cooperative group teaching prior to joining Aim Academy. She pursued her love of science, completing a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and Master of Physical Therapy. She continues to practice physical therapy and offer Aim Academy courses.

Her courses focus on developing lifelong learning skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and sparking curiosity and discovery in the area of science. Integrity and a growth mindset for lifelong learning are foundational values for Rebecca. She seeks to empower students with the academic learning skills for high school and college as well as health and wellness.

In her spare time, you would find Rebecca enjoying her family and dog, being active with friends, enjoying a variety of fitness activities, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, gardening, cooking, and advancing her professional education.

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Email: rrobbins[at]aimacademy.online