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Michelle Brownell

By Debra Bell | August 10, 2021 | 

Michelle is a wife, mother, home educator, parent/homeschool coach, and speaker. She also serves as a parent advisor on the Aim Academy Leadership Team.

She has impacted hundreds of families in the homeschool community. She currently serves as a Homeschool Coach in the Bright and Quirky Idea Lab community supporting parents across the globe in their child’s learning, emotional and social development. She also serves seasonally as facilitator and speaker on the Books & Beyond Homeschool Conference team and as the director of Central Florida Home Educators Used Curriculum Sale. She is founder of an active and growing local support group for moms of preschoolers. Previously, she served on the board of a local homeschool co-op as both president and classroom teacher.

Michelle and her husband, Jaron, have been married 26 years. Together they parent and homeschool their two children who they adopted at birth. She began homeschooling when her first child was just 4 years old. As she provided a rich learning environment for them at home, she discovered both of her children were twice- exceptional, being both gifted and with learning challenges.

As a speaker and coach, Michelle shares from the heart of her own challenges raising strong willed and differently wired kids and how becoming resilient and an expert in her own children helps them thrive and learn. She is passionate about encouraging, empowering, and equipping parents to advocate for and connect with their children through their homeschool journey.

Email: mbrownell@aimacademy.online