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Greetings from Budapest

By Debra Bell | May 29, 2009 | Global Home Education

I’m currently spending some time with Share Educational Services, based in Budapest, Hungary.  I’m learning so much about the challenges of educating kids abroad.  It’s fascinating to find out how missionaries and expatriates network with each other and come up with solutions on the fly for meeting their kids needs.  Homeschooling is growing internationally, but so are attempts to squelch this option in Europe.  There is an opportunity here ( and a great need) for homeschoolers in the States to consider helping organizations like Share provide services and resources to families living in very remote regions of the world.  If you’d like to look into what Share is doing, then check out their website:

I will keep you post on what I’m doing.  Sunday I head to Greece for a conference there.  Tomorrow, I get a walking tour of Budapest.  Love having built in tour guides where ever I travel.