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Free Printable: Writing Rubric by Debra Bell

By Debra Bell | July 12, 2020 | Free Resources, Writers in Residence

I can still remember my confusion as I stared down my first pile of student essays. Now what do I do? How do I decide who gets an A and who gets a C? Is this good writing for a fifteen-year-old, or not? Even more mysterious—what do I say to help them improve?

Ever feel that way when looking at your kids’ work? I sure did. Math always seemed obvious—this answer’s right, this answer’s wrong—but their stories, essays, poems? What do I tell them? I’m their mother! Seems likely I will be too hard or too easy on them. Odds are slim I’m going to give them feedback that’s on the money.

All that changed when I learned about the six traits model for teaching writing. Suddenly I had a language to discuss writing with my kids and students they could understand—and their writing took off.  As their writing coach, I knew what was working well. I knew what to suggest that they try next to improve.

I used the six traits of writing model to develop the writing rubric. Download the free Traits of Great Writing for Teens rubric and let us know what you think.