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Charter School List

If you are enrolled in a charter school, we can work directly with your charter to collect payment.

Step One: Confirm that Aim Academy Online is an approved vendor. If not, request that we be added to the list. Use [email protected] as our contact email.

Step Two: Submit a requisition form for Aim Academy Online classes to your charter school office. Here is a form you can fill out and submit if one is not provided. Please submit the correct full price for your classes to your charter. Here is our price list. Purchase orders must be correct before student can be fully enrolled.

Step Three: Provide AAO ([email protected]) with a list of classes you are requisitioning so we can mark your registration for these classes as pending. This secures your child a seat in the class. We will enroll your student when the charter has confirmed that funding is approved.

*Any fees not covered by the charter must be paid by parent before class begins. Pay admin fees here.

Alaska Charters

Copper River School District

Family Partnership Charter School

Idea Homeschool

California Charters (Yes, we have the required ORI#)

Epic California Charter School

ILead Exploration

Ocean Grove (IEM)

Sky Mountain (IEM)

South Sutton (IEM)

The Cottonwood School

Let us know if you would like us to apply to a charter not listed above.