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Category: The Science of Learning

The Independent Learner: Tip No. 2

Build on their interests…  I want to pick up where I left off last post — If you want to raise an independent learner, then build your program around your child’s interests. Independent learners are intrinsically motivated to learn. And interest is the fuel of that intrinsic motivation. You want to keep that fuel in abundant Read More...

The Independent Learner: Tip No.1

Give them a choice… When are you most motivated? I’ll bet you find yourself more motivated to complete tasks you’ve chosen, rather than those tasks someone else requires of you. ( Think: reading the book you brought home from the library vs. doing your income taxes, for instance.) Why is that?  We have a will Read More...

How Do Kids Learn Best From Others?

Yesterday I started a discussion about raising an independent learner. Today I’d liked to explore the ways in which we learn from others and get your thoughts on this, too. Have you ever considered God’s intention in human development? Why the cycle of life? Why not create us fully-formed, like Adam and Eve? Why do Read More...