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Category: Homeschool For Success

The Ultimate Homeschool Planners: Planning to See God at Work

I love homeschool moms.  I love their passion, their resourcefulness and love for their families. But now with the luxury of viewing homeschooling through the rear view mirror, I can see a couple of sore spots that contribute to our exhaustion and occasional loss of vision. We are more aware of our own shortcomings in our Read More...

Q & A with the Science Faculty

What is the recommended progression of science classes for high school students? How can labs be effectively taught at home? Any recommendations for getting kids interested in science? What are some suggestions for helping the struggling science student? Susan Habacivch teaches Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Math for Sciences, and Chemistry. Kristen Lauria teaches Pre-AP Read More...

Q & A with the English Faculty

English teachers Amy Wallace and Bev Graybill joined me to discuss some relevant topics for high school and middle school English. Why is grammar important? How should it be taught? How do you handle plagiarism and giving appropriate credit? What are some of the best ways to build and maintain English skills over the summer? Read More...

Q & A with the Math Faculty

Today is Math Monday 🙂 Earlier we posted this free printable. The math teachers also got together on Zoom to answer some common questions about teaching math. First, take a moment to meet our math faculty. What are some tips or best practices for learning math? What is a good course plan for high school Read More...