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Category: Homeschool For Success

Four Year Plan +1 for High School @ Home

In the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, Chapter 12,  I write about the necessity of laying out a tentative schedule of coursework and tasks for high school at the beginning of  8th grade.  That’s for those of you with foresight.  ( I didn’t gain that until my third child.) The benefit of the plan is to make Read More...

Two-Fold Purpose of the Ultimate Homeschool Planning System (UHPS)

I love homeschool moms.  I love their passion, their resourcefulness and love for their families. But now with the luxury of viewing homeschooling through the rear view mirror, I can see a couple of sore spots that contribute to our exhaustion and occasional loss of vision. We are more aware of our own shortcomings in our Read More...

Sneak Peek: Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens

I want to give you a quick look inside the forthcoming Ultimate Weekly Planner for Teens. ( While part of the Apologia team is on vacation, I grabbed a few pages to show you. I didn’t ask, hope that’s okay.) I think it is so hip and cool… and by association I am therefore (possibly) Read More...

FREE Starter Kit for Student and Teen Planners

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner for moms will be widely available next week. But the student and teen planners are still (at the outside) a month from being released. We are working diligently to get them to you sooner. In the meantime, I secured permission to create a starter kit. The attached file includes planning pages Read More...

Help! My Child’s A Late Reader

The magic of reading is part brain development and part environment. You can’t do much about the first — that’s a timeline God controls — but you certainly can about the latter. Kids will learn to read if they invest time in reading. The more they read, the better they will read. Your role is to help Read More...