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Category: Handouts

Aim Science: Even More Fun with Candy Experiments

Watch the video below for the third installment of Dr. Karen Joseph’s candy experiments. Dr. Joseph created a handout so you can easily replicate the experiments at home. You can grab it here: AimScience-EvenMoreFunWithCandy-Experiments-Handout Dr. Karen Joseph teaches The Wonders of Water, Sensational Senses, and Life Science for Aim Academy. She loves sharing her knowledge and Read More...

Hello Honolulu! Here Are the Handouts from CHOH

Thank you Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii for including me in your lovely conference. Here are the handouts from my sessions. Enjoy. Hope for Weary Moms_There Is a Redeemer Study Smart Student Strategies Raising An Independent Learner Cultivating A Love For Learning 21st Century Homeschooling