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Category: Meet the Teachers

An Interview with Amy Wallace

What classes are you teaching at Aim Academy this fall and what makes each of them unique? I’m excited about teaching three courses with Aim Academy: Comprehensive Language Arts: Middle School, Comprehensive Language Arts: High School, and Novel in a Year. Many students are intimidated by intense grammar instruction and poetics, but I engage students Read More...

Government and Economics

Nate Gilbert joins our staff this year to teach economics and government. He is offering them as two separate, semester-long courses. Why study economics? What can parents expect in each course?   You can register for the economics and government courses separately or together for a discount.

Q & A with the Science Faculty

What is the recommended progression of science classes for high school students? How can labs be effectively taught at home? Any recommendations for getting kids interested in science? What are some suggestions for helping the struggling science student? Susan Habacivch teaches Introduction to Chemistry and Physics, Math for Sciences, and Chemistry. Kristen Lauria teaches Pre-AP Read More...