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Susan Habacivch Reviews

Emily (Student in Pre-AP Chemistry)– June 4, 2019

I really enjoyed this course! Mrs. Habacivch made Chemistry interesting and engaging through her teaching and questions. She was always willing to answer our questions or help us with anything we didn’t understand. This course required a lot of work, but it was worth it to gain an excellent understanding of this challenging subject!

Gina (Parent Introduction to Chemistry and Physics)– May 31, 2019

My son took Introduction to Chemistry and Physics with Mrs. Habacivch and loved it. I appreciate that she was responsive and thorough when answering my son’s questions. Her class is very well organized and she incorporates interesting and informative videos in her lessons. My son enjoyed the live lessons as well; Mrs. Habacivch kept the class engaged with active participation. This was my son’s favorite class.

L. W. (Parent Pre-Calculus) 

Wow! I’ve never seen my son work so hard AND be so gratified for it. While this course does consume the largest part of his school day, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves math. This course requires much time and energy of him. But he’s getting such a reward! I’m thrilled to see this. Ms. Habacivch is super! My son responds well to her teaching style. She is well-organized and supports my son through the learning.

Grace (Student Advanced Algebra) 

Mrs. Habacivch,
I have recently taken college placement tests and the SAT, and thanks to you, have placed into the classes I needed to take. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I will always remember your teaching!
Thank you so much!

Ellie Kelcy (Student) 

Mrs. Habacivch is a wonderful teacher and helps you understand what your learning. I want to public school for my whole life and recently started homeschool but out of all the math teachers I had, I learned the most from her. She helps to explain certain problems in a way that helps you understand it best and she is a very kind, funny person. I would totally recommend this class to another because you get a lot out of it. I want to thank Mrs. Habacivch for all that she has done for me, helping me understand things a lot more, and preparing me for college.

Jodi Zell (Parent Algebra II and Pre-Calculus) 

My son recently graduated from high school and Mrs. Habacivch was his favorite teacher out of all his school years. He had her for Algebra II and Pre-calculus. In hind sight, I wished we had him take more classes from her. She was an answer to prayer in order to get our son ready for college and to enable him to pursue his interests in engineering. She pulled so much more out of Micah than I was ever able to and she challenged him in many ways. He worked very hard in her classes and learned a ton. When he did well on his SAT and received a scholarship to college, he told me that he would have never been able to achieve that without Mrs.’s Habacivch’s help. We highly recommend her and her classes! Thanks, Mrs. Habacivch!

Melissa (Parent Chemistry)  

Although I am capable of teaching many subjects, I am thankful there are excellent quality courses such as Pre-AP Chemistry. Mrs Habacivich is a great teacher. She is invested in her students’ understanding the material. When questions arise, she is easily reachable. The quantity of work is well-balanced.
If you need a solid Chemistry course for high school, I recommend this one.

Heather Sprenger (Parent Chemistry)  

We have been so pleased with both the course content and the instructor! The course has been a great fit for our son who was ready for some challenge and greater structure in science, though not quite ready for AP-level work. He especially enjoyed the labs. “Mrs H”, as the students call her, was encouraging and promptly responsive to any questions or concerns. I highly recommend this course!

Lisa Janenda (Parent Intro to Chemistry and Physics)  

My daughter has loved her Intro to Chemistry and Physics class with Mrs. Habacivch this year! The class is extremely well organized and challenging, going into more depth than I would have expected from a regular Physical Science class. Mrs. Habacivch is responsive, helpful and very knowledgeable. She does a great job getting the students to contribute during the live meetings – which can be difficult in an online format – but makes for a much more interesting and engaging class. The labs are informative, fun and very manageable, adding to the overall value of the class. In addition to communicating regularly with my daughter when she has questions, Mrs. Habacivch also checks in with parents and has taken time to answer all my questions thoroughly. I feel like my daughter has gotten excellent preparation for future Chemistry and Physics classes.