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Nate Gilbert Reviews

Gillian P. (Student in Introduction to U.S. Government) – April 30th, 2020

It is a great course that is very beneficial to the student. The assignments are influential to the students understanding of the government, and the classes are full of helpful information. Nate Gilbert is and amazing teacher who is easy to communicate with, and breaks down the basics of U.S government. It is a great course for students of all levels, challenging perspective and influencing our decisions.

Teagan R. (Student in Economics and Government) – May 1st, 2020

The class is very engaging and just the right amount of challenging. If you are thinking of taking this course it is a great overview of economics and government, and a bit of how the two work together. I hardly knew anything about the subject before this year but now I think I have a very clear idea of it.

Skylar C. (Student in Introduction U.S. Government) – May 4th, 2020

This course was a fantastic introduction to government. The course content was interesting and Mr. Gilbert provided engaging live classes that allow for the student to be part of the discussion and develop his or her own thoughts and opinions. As someone who will be able to vote for the first time in the next election, I feel well prepared and knowledgeable after taking this course!

Cheyenne (Student in Introduction U.S. Government) – May 5th, 2020

This class was very challenging but it was also a very fun class for me. Seeing new people and having a class with them was really awesome. Even though this class was hard for me I still learned a lot most of the stuff you taught me was stuff I probably have not heard about. Overall thank you for teaching me and taking your time to teach this class I really enjoyed it.

Rudy (Student in AP U.S. Government) – May 6th, 2020

As a student, this course has given me a foundational understanding of government and taught me the history of both present and past governments of the United States, their differences, and how American governing principles have evolved. The class incorporates events that provide different perspectives of concepts learned throughout the class and makes students integrate their knowledge into their assignments. Overall, this was one of my favorite courses and has benefitted me greatly and informed me of both the basic and complex portions of the U.S. Government and taught me how to become more involved in politics!

Eliyahu Masinter (Student in AP U.S. Government) – May 4, 2020

Mr. Gilbert is an outstanding person and teacher who challenges his students to learn to their full potential. I really enjoyed all of his classes which are full of fascinating and relevant information along with interesting conversations. I could not recommend this class more to anyone who wants a very thorough understanding on how our government functions and interacts with society. He is truly an amazing teacher and his classes are always the highlight of my week.

Phoebe (Student in Economics and Government) – May 5, 2020

I really enjoyed taking Economics and Government with Mr. Gilbert! All the lectures were helpful and informative as he does a great job in explaining concepts. The assignments were also interesting and really beneficial to my understanding of these subjects. Mr. Gilbert was always quick to respond to questions and gave helpful feedback on all the homework assignments. Highly recommend!

Rabbi Daniel Lapin (Grandparent in AP US Government) – May 6. 2020

This AP U.S. Government course taught by Nate Gilbert has truly enhanced my life. Did I take it? No, I wish I did but I did do the next best thing. I have a close relationship with a g’son who did take this course. The resulting conversations, analyses, and discussions we enjoyed have been a highlight of my year. Mr. Gilbert fueled my g’son’s interest and what is more, his passion thus contributing significantly to his intellectual maturation making him not only a far better informed person but also a better person in many important ways. Astonishingly, my g’son developed a deep connection, not only with the course substance but with the instructor himself. Although I eavesdropped on a few amazing lessons, I still don’t quite grasp the magic of how Mr. Gilbert accomplished this through a computer screen but he did. In my experience, Nate Gilbert is a rare and remarkable teacher and I encouraged my g’son to try and take another course with him. Any course.

Eddie Kasper (Student in Introduction to US Government) – May 7, 2020

Mr. Gilbert was an excellent teacher and even better at breaking down ideas. I learned so much overall and greatly enjoyed the class discussions. If you are debating wether to take this class or not, I would say don’t think twice and just do it!

Caia Shannon (Student in Economics and Government April 29th, 2020

Mr. Gilbert was a great teacher! I took both his Introduction to Economics and Introduction to U.S. Government. He always made sure to answer anyone’s questions. He also was always very quick at responding if I would email him a question or concern. He also always offered feedback on all of my assignments, helping me learn if I had made a mistake instead of just marking it wrong. He was also very friendly. Every time we’d start a live class, he would greet each student by name and ask them how they were. His live classes were always informative. He explained the information in a way that was easy to understand and always clarified if necessary. He was always very good about respecting a student’s opinion on a subject and would often ask students’ opinions on matter. I would highly recommend Mr. Gilbert’s Introduction to Economics and Introduction to U.S. Government!

Olivia (Student in Economics and Government May 31

Mr. Gilbert’s classes were great! He helps his students to understand what they are learning, not just memorize facts. The homework and quizzes he assigns help you to retain and continue to think about what was discussed in class. Mr. Gilbert is a friendly teacher, and I would recommend him to anyone who has an interest in government or economics.

Eliyahu Masinter (Student in Economics and Government May 9

Mr. Gilbert’s classes were, without a doubt, the highlight of my year. I always looked forward to the live sessions and the work itself was always very interesting. I learned so much in so little amount of time. He always wrote comments on all of my work that told me exactly what I had to fix and what I did a great job on. I’m sorry the classes are over. Mr. Gilbert was the best teacher I ever had. I really recommend taking his classes.

Nicole M. (Parent in Economics and Government May 9

My daughter enjoyed Mr. Gilbert’s class because he was thorough in his explanations, fair in his grading, and loved that topics were debated. She learned a great deal and had fun while doing so. Mr. Gilbert was quick in his responses to questions and helpful when further explanation was needed.

Jessy Roberts  June 5

I have really enjoyed this class. The teacher always makes or breaks the learning experience and you have made government and economics my favorite subjects. You are an amazing teacher and I was glad to be under your guidance.

Tammie Martin  

My son took two of Mr. Gilbert’s classes —Intro to Government and Intro to Economics. He was challenged and grew as a student and thinker in both classes. The format and layout of these classes is excellent —students are required to do assignments that demonstrate mastery and application of the material taught. Mr. Gilbert also grades homework quickly, gives great feedback, and positively engages the students in class discussions. 5 stars!!


Your class was one of my daughter’s favorites. She found it very interesting and loved your teaching style. She will be graduating so she won’t be able to take Econ with you. We definitely would have taken it with you had we found you sooner.

Tracy J. (Intro to U.S. Government)  

I was very impressed with the material and content of the course. It was not busy work, but a carefully designed and well thought out curriculum. My middle school daughter was a bit overwhelmed at the start of the class. But, Mr Gilbert was very patient and fair. By the end of the class, my daughter had gained confidence and started to excel. I would definitely recommend this course and others taught by Mr Gilbert.

W. M. (Economics) 

This course is definitely a 5/5 rating! It was a very engaging classroom and I love how everything in it was set up, including the quizzes. It did not seem that we were being overloaded with useless work, and the work that we did get was easy to retain and memorize. The teaching style was fantastic and very friendly which made it much easier to learn and remember important information. Overall it was fantastic!

Daphne Patch  

I didn’t know anything about economics and Mr. Gilbert taught the class very well and I learned a lot from him. He explains very thoroughly and gave many examples about the material being taught. He keeps the class engaged and makes it enjoyable to learn. I will be taking his government class this semester.

Economics Student  

This was an excellent class. Nathaniel Gilbert is a professional and competent teacher. He was very clear in his expectations and explanations of the material. He also made the topics relevant to the students in a way that maintained their interest. I really appreciated the homework and quiz portion which allowed me to know that the student was retaining the information. I would have no reservations in recommending this class to other students.


Mr. Gilbert is an enjoyable teacher to take classes with. He is calm, relaxed, and knowledgeable. He covers a good amount of content, and he asks lots of questions to keep the students involved and thoughtfully interacting with what they’re learning.


I was very impressed with Mr. Gilbert! My 12 year old dd wrote a review “I really like this teacher because, he is very thorough and makes sure that you know the subject before you move on. He is very nice, and he explains the topic simply so you understand. He taught me this class even though I was the only one there. He is a good teacher and I believe that I will be taking some future classes with him.” If he offers more classes She will definitely attend!

Jon Adler  

Mr. Gilbert was one my favorite high school teachers. He had a great knowledge and love for what he taught. He challenged me to see and understand the larger picture beyond just memorizing facts.