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Kristen Roy Reviews

Parent (Creative Composition 2) – April 1, 2022

Mrs. Roy’s enthusiasm for teaching and encouraging her students to blossom in their writing skills is a treasure. This course has encouraged my child to practice various forms of writing using his God given creativity and inspiration as the springboard. Her sweet patience and gentle intentional questioning develops peaceful growth in the struggle of overcoming writers block. Love for her students and their writing success is evident in their response and the fruits of their labor.

Parent (Readers in Residence & Creative Composition 2) – March 28, 2022

RIR has helped my son look more in depth at literature and Mrs. Roy is encouraging and fun. Writing is not my son’s favorite subject, but CC2 has challenged him in writing a research paper, poetry and now working on a fiction story. With Mrs. Roy’s guidance, my son has managed to gain strength in his writing skills. She is gracious with him and gentle prods him along.

Parent (Creative Composition 1) – April, 2021

“Mrs. Roy is doing a fabulous job engaging all the students on every project! My daughter has been
excited about each writing assignment and loves sharing her work with her classmates! It has been
the perfect fit for us this school year!”

Parent (Creative Composition 2) – April, 2021

“It is an excellent class with a warm and engaging teacher. The curriculum is unbeatable and Mrs.
Roy works hard to create a safe and inclusive space and sense of community for students to get
excited about writing together and feel comfortable sharing their work.”

Anonymous (Student in Creative Composition 2) – April 30,2020

I appreciated your feedback on my writing. That was what helped me the most in the class.

Lily M. (Student in Creative Composition 2) – April 27, 2020

I loved writing our fantastical short story. I liked how we would go over problems in class! It definitely helped if you couldn’t figure out the problem without help. I also liked how we would read our writings to the rest of the class

Mrs. Pindak (Parent of previous course) – March 6, 2020

“Mrs. Roy was able to teach my son how to improve his writing style and build his confidence as a story teller. We loved her teaching style, and constant encouragement to persevere in his writing. She works incredibly with kids of all ages & is passionate about teaching.”

Linda Kidder (Parent of previous course) – March 5, 2020

“Our daughter specifically learned valuable skills in writing her first research paper, including how to identify credible sources and proper citation. She also had the opportunity to experiment in writing fantasy for the first time, which was a brand new genre for her.”