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Farrar Williams Reviews

Farrar Williams joined the Aim Academy Online faculty for the 2021-22 school year. Here are reviews from teaching her classes elsewhere. Please see Farrar’s bio and qualifications here.

“My daughter loved taking an Asian and African history course with Farrar Williams. The curriculum is a great mix of history monographs, maps, and primary sources that places Africa, Asia, and India at the center of study.  Farrar is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher who knows how to help young writers develop. My daughter gained a comprehensive understanding of complicated history, while growing as a writer and having fun.” – Helen D.

“My 7th grade son took Puzzles and Codes taught by Farrar and it’s been a fantastic experience. He’s a kid who doesn’t like a lot of school and typically doesn’t like anything that seems schoolish even if it’s a topic he likes. But he’s totally gotten into the class. It’s also been a nice gentle first online class. The work is interesting and challenging but not so much that it’s overwhelming. I think he likes the independence of doing it on his own.” – Alice

I have been extremely pleased with Farrar Williams as a teacher. The curriculum is interesting and incorporates a variety of ways for students to learn the material. Ms. Williams’ passion and knowledge of the subject matter are obvious, and I also deeply appreciate the background she brings as an experienced teacher. Highly recommended! – Sonja K.