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Dr. Karen Joseph Reviews

Brigid P. (Student in Life Science 2-Botany and Human Biology) – June 22, 2020

Dr. Karen is a very warm and caring teacher. This was a challenging course, but she made it very enjoyable for the students.

Cheyenne F. (Student in Life Science 2 – Botany and Human Biology) – May 5, 2020

Life science was a lot of fun this year! Thank you so much for a great class. I learned a lot through this semester. I thought that having all those activities was great because for me it was fun and I learned quite well from it. I think my favorite topic we learned over was cells (especially making the cell module). For me science was something I did not enjoy but now it is one of my favorite subjects in school. Overall, thank you Dr. Joseph it was a fun class and great to meet new people.

Mary Louise C. (Student in Life Science 2 – Botany and Human Biology) – May 12, 2020

This class was absolutely one of my favorites I have ever taken! The lessons are easy to understand and the live classes are something to look forward to every week. Dr. Joseph is so kind and always willing to help you with anything that is hard to understand. Thank you Dr. Joseph!

Carolyn Mattingly (Parent in Life Science 1 and 2) – April 18th, 2020

This class has been so interesting and informative for my daughter. Dr. Joseph made learning fun, and she makes the connection of science and every-day-life easy to see. She is a special teacher. I can honestly say that this is my daughter’s favorite class this year. I am so excited that Dr. Joseph is now teaching Biology; Athena has already signed up!

Student (Life Science 1 — Zoology) – May 3, 2019

This class was fun and very interesting. Dr. Joseph did a great job on teaching the content and the activities she provided were helpful too. I learned a lot more info about animals and ones I didn’t know about, and how their anatomy functions. All in all, I would highly recommend this class if you are interested and want to learn more about animals.

T. H.  February 16th, 2019

Wonderful class! Loved how Dr. Joseph presented the material on the class page in various ways, from fascinating videos to helpful audio links. She is caring and encouraging, and she made the live classes fun. What a great way to learn about science by using water! Thank you, Dr. Joseph!


Your class content and videos are superb – my son often calls me over to watch with him (and I love how you emphasize detailed answers and complete sentences – he told me you want him to capitalize just like I do!)


You teach in such a way that makes the complicated material easier to understand and FUN!

A. K.  

Dr. Joseph has helped me improve as a student by making her lessons very interesting and always being open to questions. She makes science come alive she always encourages me to think. She says questions lead to learning, so I should never stop questioning. When we had a lesson where the book contradicted the popular thought about something, Dr. Joseph went way above and beyond to research this topic and explain to me all the myriad complexities of the issue. It was fascinating. I really appreciated her effort. Not many teachers would have gone so far to satisfy the curiosity of one student.

K. W.  

Dr. Joseph has made learning such a fun and enjoyable experience for me this year. She uses her creativity to make the lessons more understandable and fun. I am really enjoying her class this year! She makes videos of experiments she’s performed, she uses pictures and diagrams to give us a visual of what she’s teaching, and she is always there and willing to help.


Dr. Joseph always encourages me and tells me what I’m doing well. I started school late and had to make up a lot of work. Because of her encouraging me and always telling me to do my best, I got everything completed and was caught up with my class in less than 2 weeks. She shows us lots of videos that are found online or she will make videos for experiments. She also had us do a lot of creative activities.


Dr. Joseph is one of the better teachers I have had this year. She was very thorough with her lessons and she knows what she’s talking about. She always tries to include humor in her lessons. She’s very responsive to what we have to say or if we have any concerns. She was just an all-around good teacher.

P. S.  

Dr. Joseph is my human anatomy and physiology teacher, and I honestly have to say that it is one of my favorite classes. I have learned so much, and I continue to learn from her lessons each day. Her teaching abilities are great, and the style she uses makes me understand the lesson. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t walk around the house stating “did you know” facts that I learned in her class. She brings a completely new meaning to “you learn something new everyday.” She has made a huge difference in my life. I think the main reason I like this class is because of who she is. Anyone can teach me the exact same lessons. But she makes me want to learn those lessons and want to explore them on my own. You may not want to learn, but I guarantee that Dr. Joseph will teach you in a way that you have not seen before.

S. P.  

Dr. Joseph has helped me improve as a student by asking insightful questions. She asks questions that make you apply what you have just learned to real life situations and her questions make you think through what you have learned. When she teaches she doesn’t just give lectures. Instead she has interesting projects, she explains everything thoroughly, makes connections, and even videotapes herself performing lab experiments. She has opened my eyes to the world of the human body. Through her teaching I’m realizing that the human body is very complex and intricate. This realization has brought me to an appreciation for how our bodies function.


Dr. Joseph congratulates you when you succeed and helps you to understand when you don’t. Dr. Joseph cares about each of her students and is open to discussions about things we agree or disagree on. Dr Joseph is willing, helpful, and kind-hearted.


Dr. Joseph always answers all my curious questions about her course. She’s always willing to help out in any way possible. She uses different online videos, websites, and neat experiments to try out so the students get to see things in real life, which is hard to do in cyber school.