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Connie Campione Reviews

Connie Campione is joining the Aim Academy staff for the 2020-2021 school year. We are very happy to have her contribute to our expanding math program. The reviews below are from her prior teaching experience.

Student (Previous Math Class)

Mrs. Campione is an ideal instructor. She will always read each student’s face when a new idea is presented and is perceptive to when we need to slow down and when we can move forward. I wish every instructor was as organized and knowledgeable as her!

Student (Previous Math Class)

Thank you so much Mrs. Campione. I genuinely learned a lot and really enjoyed your class. It was easy to listen to you and learn, especially with a course so complicated like this one. A teacher like you makes all the difference!

Student (Previous Math Class)

Mrs. Campione, Thank you so much! I really enjoyed your class. You made sure we were prepared for tests and made math interesting.

Student (Previous Math Class)

Mrs. Campione is very organized and has a clear way of teaching. She really cares for her students and I feel like I am genuinely learning. 

Dean, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (Bucks County Community College)

Your students obviously value you as a teacher. Thank you for everything you do for them. I know you will continue to challenge them and hold them and yourself to a high bar. Great job!