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Brian Reeves Reviews

Mr. Reeves was very flexible with students’ work and was extremely nice. Student, Graphic Design

I love how available Professor Reeves was to help his students outside of class. Student, Graphic Design

Out of all of the professors I’ve had here, Professor Reeves was the most engaged with his students. He was always willing to meet outside of class to help with our projects, and would leave detailed comments on our Canvas submissions. Student, Graphic Design

Professor Reeves was super nice and helpful the whole time, and was clearly very invested in his students’ success. I appreciated that he takes the time to point out very detailed critiques and small tips too. Student, Graphic Design

I just wanted to say thank you for guiding me through this course and always making time to meet with me. I learned a ton, and will continue to do so with the methods, tactics, and skills I acquired in this class; I hope you see how much this course has helped me through my final assignments. Again, thank you so much! Student, Summer Drawing Class