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Bonnie Gonzalez Reviews

A.C. (Parent in Introduction to Psychology) – May 1, 2020
The honors psychology course taught by Mrs. Gonzalez has been absolutely wonderful! J. learned so much as evidenced by talking about a lecture or video presented to him. It completely exceeded our expectations. My son loved the class. He was so engrossed with the lecture and material presented to him throughout the year. The class is presented by Mrs. Gonzalez in such a way that the student is eager to engage, inquire, and collaborate. Mrs. Gonzalez is clearly passionate about her work and her experience really translates into the projects and assignments given to the child.  J. learned so much this year and wants to take more courses such as this. I thank Mrs. Gonzalez for her commitment and passion to teaching!
J.C. (Student in Introduction to Psychology) – May 1, 2020
The class was awesome. Mrs. G was so kind and presented the material in such an informative and interesting way with projects that reinforced the learning. It was challenging but so much fun and I looked forward to completing the assignments and projects!
C.D. (Parent in Conquering Procrastination) — March 10, 2020 “Thanks again for another awesome class, Bonnie. I tried to put the recorded lectures up on our TV via Apple TV but that didn’t seem to work. My husband, girls and I enjoy noticing when the fun monkey is leading the way and the emergence of the panic monster.

Many thanks for all you offer to us.….Christie”
K. R. (Student in Introduction to Psychology) — December 21st, 2018
“Mrs. Gonzales is an excellent psychology teacher. She clearly explains concepts in a way that makes intuitive sense. She is an engaging lecturer that compares approaches in psychology in a way that clearly shows the different ways in which the human mind is viewed. The format of the class worked well with my schedule while still being rigorous enough to make it possible for me get Intro to Psychology college credit through the CLEP psychology exam with very little extra study. Moreover, the CLEP exam proctor commented that my score was the highest CLEP psychology exam that she had ever seen–a testament to Mrs. Gonzales’ teaching skills.”
J.S. (Parent from Introduction to Psychology) — December 20th, 2018
“The course has increased my daughter’s interest in Psychology. It’s hard not to get caught up in Mrs. G. enthusiasm. I find myself listening to some of the lectures too.”
Parent (Secrets of Success: GRIT) – December 20, 2018
“When my oldest son shared that Bonnie Gonzalez’s course on GRIT had inspired him to get organized, I picked up the book myself. Next our family began listening to it as an audiobook. Then Bonnie offered a second course which taught about Growth Mindset. This time both my boys signed up and my middle school and elementary-aged girls enjoyed listening from time to time and reading the handouts too. Since then, the word “yet” has become an addendum to the end of sentences when someone is feeling doubtful of achieving a goal.
Bonnie presents new material in a logical order with an enthusiastic style that encourages students of varying ages to participate. Additional links reinforce what she teaches and further assist students as they cement their understanding of new concepts. Try a course with your student(s)- you will be glad you did as you all learn concrete steps to shift your thinking to adopt a more positive lifestyle — and one where goals can become achievable with confidence.”

B. G. (Parent from Secrets of Success: GRIT) – February 28, 2018

Thank you for a most excellent and invaluable class. Truly. There are a couple of things I wish every person could be exposed to and learn in school – this is one of them. Everything was organized and presented very well; and, obviously, your ability to communicate the material is exceptional…I thought the whole class was excellent. Anyway, this is just to say how much I, both as a parent and personally, appreciated the class and all you did to make it happen. Thank you. -B.G.