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140 Live Graded Classes

  • Live graded online homeschool classes for 1st–12th grades.
  • Our teachers are experienced homeschool parents and qualified in their subject area.
  • Full year, semester, mini-courses, and summer classes to fit your lifestyle.
  • Homeschool and charter school students welcome.

Our Mission

We provide introductory and college prep online classes that combine the flexibility of homeschooling with the best research-based practices for 21st century learning.

Our aim is students’ success as measured by academic achievement, increased interest in learning, and personal satisfaction in reaching their goals.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We were early adopters of online learning. We’ve been doing this more than twenty years.
  • We are research-driven.
  • We are committed to the continuous professional development of our faculty.
  • We are experienced homeschool parents with expertise in our subject matter.
  • We are laser-focused on student engagement, student achievement, and student well-being.
  • We bring a growth mindset to all we do–we are in pursuit of persistent excellence.
Our live online classes are college-prep.
Students interact with each other in our live, graded classes.

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