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Your homeschool success story starts here.


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Aim Academy Online Classes

Our teachers are homeschool parents and qualified instructors. We use the latest technology and scientific research to create engaging, developmentally appropriate, college prep classes for your homeschool family!

Classes for 5th–12th grades. Full year, semester, mini-courses, and summer classes to fit your lifestyle.

Parent Tools & Resources

Your home school success is right around the corner. Our how-to articles by Debra Bell and Aim Academy faculty will empower you with the confidence and strategies to help your kids maximize their learning potential.

Reading & Writing Curriculums

Based on the latest research into learning, Writers in Residence and Readers in Residence language arts programs provide an engaging, systematic approach to writing with confidence and reading fluently.

Homeschool Planners

Order brings peace~ St. Augustine.

Our best-selling homeschool planners for Mom remind you of God’s faithfulness and care and keep your home school on track.

Our teen and student planners are essential tools to help you raise independent learners.

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Meet our teachers, ask questions, recommend new classes, and hear about special offers!

What Sets Us Apart

Debra Bell started Aim Academy in 2011 after teaching AP English online for 10 years. Her initial purpose was to offer classes that align with AP, CLEP, and SAT exams so students are better prepared to score high on these by the end of high school. Friends, family members, and former students quickly joined her faculty. Each year we’ve had double digit growth in enrollment. Since then AIM Academy class list has expanded and our faculty has grown. We offer a full slate of college prep middle school and high school courses.

From Our Blog

Printable Graph Paper

Graphing can be one of the toughest skills for math students to master. In my decade of experience as a high school math teacher I noticed that a good sheet of graph paper can make a big difference. I’d run off a bunch of double-sided copies of this before each unit on graphing so it was…

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GRIT: What is it and why does it matter?

GRIT is about learning how to persevere in the face of failure.  Getting back up when we fall; starting over when we fail.  It is a way of redefining success not simply by your talent or your intelligence, but by changing the way you think about failure and perseverance. Although not a skill that all of…

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Your Brain is (like) a Muscle

Your brain is not a muscle, it’s an organ. But in many ways it behaves as a muscle and the clip below explains how that can aid you in teaching your kids. The clip is taken from a webinar given by Debra Bell on The Science of Learning. She draws on her background in educational psychology…

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