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College prep classes for 7th-12th aligned with college entrance and equivalency exams

Thank you for your interest in Aim Academy. 2014-2015 registration is now open.
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Do you want to earn college credit for your high school coursework?  Then these classes are for you. Our full year, highly interactive college-prep classes also help prepare you for  AP®, CLEP® and SAT  Subject tests.

  • Full year and semester long classes focused on the core content and critical skills measured on the AP, CLEP and SAT exams.
  • Classes are taught asynchronously. This course design gives you flexibility! You sign on to the class website at your convenience and download assignments listed for each week.
  • Live discussions and lectures are provided several times a month. These are recorded and may be played back at anytime. (Attendance is optional. Listening to the recording is not.) These do not exceed 1 hr. We teach tight.
  • Each course is led by a qualified and experienced instructor, developed in collaboration with Debra Bell.
  • All courses begin the last week of August. Full year courses run through last week of April.
2014-2015 Course ListingsPre-AP indicates a course you take the year before taking an AP course in that subject area. Many students are ready to take a CLEP exam in a related area at the end of a Pre-AP class.
WAIT LIST: Contact teacher to be added to the waiting list.
Course  (grade) Teacher Optional Live Class Discussions* EST Register
French 1 (2 sections) Carole Adkins Wed 1:45-2:45 or 4:30-5:30 PM Register
French 2 (2 sections) Carole Adkins Wed 9:30-10:30 AM or
Wed 3-4 PM
French 3 Carole Adkins Wed 12:30-1:30 PM Register
French 4 Carole Adkins Wed 11AM-12 PM Register
Spanish 1  (7th-12th) David Nance Tues 6-7 PM Register
Spanish 2 David Nance Tues 7:30-8:30 PM Register
American History (9th-12th) Lisa Hawkins Tues 10:30-11:30 AM Register
World History/West Civ(9th-12th) Lisa Hawkins Tues 12-1 PM Register
Algebra 1  (7th-up) Kayte Gomes Mon 12-1 PM Register
SAT I Math Prep(Fall 8/25-10/3) Kayte Gomes Mon 5-6 PM Register
Intro to Chemistry and Physics(7th-9th) Vicki Dincher Wed 2-3 PM Register
Pre-AP Biology(9th-12th) Vicki Dincher Wed 3:30-4:30PM Wait List   
AP Physics 1/Pre-AP Physics 2(9th-12th) Vicki Dincher Mon 3:30-4:30 PM Register
Pre-AP Chemistry(9th-12th) Vicki Dincher Mon 2-3 PM (1 space left) Wait List
Middle School Tools: Reading and Writing(6th-8th) Lauren Bailes Tues 4- 5 PM Register
Middle School English A (7th-9th) Emily Mulvihill Mon 10-11 AM Register
Intro to Literature and Academic Writing(8th-10th) Colette Bailes Thurs 6-7 PM Register
Intro to Creative Writing(8th-10th) Emily Mulvihill Mon 11-12 PM Register
Pre-AP English(9th-12th) (almost full!) Lauren Bailes Tues 2:30 – 3:30 PM Register
AP English Language (10th-12th)
Lili Serbicki Thurs 2-3 PM Wait List
AP English Literature (10th-12th)
Lili Serbicki Thurs 2-3 PM Wait List
Please note: Students must first apply and be accepted before registering for AP English.
*Will be recorded








































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